Android Live Project Online Training

Android is considered to be a perfect open source platform, mainly termed as Linux-based mobile phone OS platform.developed by none other than Google, this OS platform is now available for various smartphones and tablets. It helps the users to access the services of Google with ease, like YouTube, Search, Gmail and even maps, to name few of the services. With the help of Android base, you will be able to look well for the information on the web, and watch videos, search for some directions and even type emails from your smartphones, just like using your personal computer.

Get along with the Android OS:

With the help of this open source code along with the permissive licensing, it will help the software to be modified freely and even distributed by some of the wireless carriers, device manufacturers and enthusiast developers. We are here to assist you with the best Android live Project Training, helping you to create some of the best Android based projects later on, without taking any help from the clients.

Primary aim of our service:

The primary goal of our live project training packages is for helping out the IT degree and some of the diploma students. With the help of our service, we are going to provide you with the best quality training ever. It is going to be a purely job oriented service, and you will receive the primary exposure of the best web development firms, right now. We are here to fulfill some of your advanced techno art services by offering them with the proper guidance under the high trained professionals and faculties. Now, if you want to be a part of the IT programming and other similar industrial sector, you are asked to get along with us first for some immediate help. The related and efficient courses are based on Android. Some experts associated with workshops, live projects and some of the tutorials, mostly back these courses up.

Get to the core training sessions:

To make you a pro in this segment, you have to be a part of our course module. We ensure to make this platform best suited for flexible requirements. Therefore, if you want to know more about the features and services wait no further and contact experts, right away. We have a team of veterans and experienced professionals ready to guide you through the entire zone. Join our Android Real Time Project first, and we would like to provide you with great help.

Module 1: Programming associated with Java

  • Introductory note to the Java sections
  • Type of Java data
  • JVM, JDK, and JRE
  • Conditional statement and looping
  • Arrays in the current Java
  • Object oriented features associated with programming
  • Object and class
  • Encapsulation and constructor
  • Polymorphism and garbage collections
  • Abstraction and Inheritance
  • Interface and abstract
  • Keywords like static, final and super
  • Packaging with necessary exception handling
  • Basic Java I/O
  • Basic forms of threading and the proper synchronization

Module 2: Android OS:

  • Introductory note to the Android
  • Android-based platforms, versions, and tools
  • Architecture of the Android development framework
  • Installation of the Android base
  • Development package with the help of Eclipse
  • Android environment values
  • ADT, DVM, and AAPT
  • Various types of Android applications
  • Introductory note to the Android programming structure
  • Android manifest related file
  • Activity live cycle
  • Intent, followed by the intent filters

Module 3: Android component and the UI:

  • Layouts
  • GUI related architectural framework
  • Android-based form and the field widgets with the current events
  • Understanding the real meaning behind Android-based menus
  • Android dialogues along with the pickers

Module 4: Storage in the current Android:

  • Proficient use of file system
  • Android related persistence available
  • Assessing some of the SD cards
  • SQlite database connectivity services

Module 5: Android services along with the background tasks:

  • Action bar and the fragments
  • Web services along with the parsing
  • Different types of parsing: DO, XML, and SAX
  • JSON parsing is another example
  • Proficient use of Async task
  • Google map integration with the current Android application
  • GPS along with the location service
  • Geocoding services
  • Work in the current background processes
  • Alarm manager
  • Broadcast receiver and the current service providers
  • Push notification services
  • Camera and wake lock
  • SMS and call

Module 6: applicability of these courses to the industrial projects:

  • Emulator control and device
  • DDMS and log cat
  • Deployment services
  • Execute application and debug on the real device
  • Publishing your application

Know more about the Java concepts:

If you want to gain some of the accurate information associated with the Android-based live projects,  get in touch with the current Java concepts first. This package comprises of OOPS concepts along with the inheritance in detail.  another hand, you can also be acquainted with the exception handling, along with packages and interfaces. Moreover, you will get some thorough information in the .jar file and JVM file extension. A significant part if dedicated to the collections segment and those are the vector, hash table, array list, list, and hashmap. You can even look for multi-threading, which is also defined as runnable interface and thread class. As an additional part, we would like to help you with the best SQL course, too. This course is a brief part of Java Concept and talks about DDL and DML queries.

Introductory note to the Android:

As a significant part of our Android Live Project , we offer an introductory class to Android, as well, for both the novices and experts. Some of the courses over here, listed as:

  • Meaning behind Android
  • Creating a development environment
  • Dalvik virtual machine related information with .apk file extension
  • Fundamentals of this Android base
  • Basic building blocks: services, activities, content and broadcast receivers
  • Providers and UI component: Views and notifications
  • Elements of the communication from intent and intent filters
  • Android API levels with the version names and the versions

You will also get acquainted with the application structure, in details. Moreover, be the first one to know more about the importance and proper usage of SQLite programming. Give us a call at our number or email your booking with us.