AngularJs Online Training

The AngularJS Training from industry experts will teach the aspirants to learn everything, which they want to know about open source JavaScript framework. This course is mainly designed for the beginners, starting with this technical section for the first time. You might have no prior knowledge of this subject. Therefore, AngularJS Training is best suited to your needs and demands. However, before you enroll your name for our training institution, you should have a clear idea on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It helps you to know more about the fundamentals of our training and proceed further in the next steps.

Working with the video tutorials:

For the vital step, you can start by just setting up the application, and learn more about the controllers, views, and built-in directions. Here, the course will help you to teach more about filters, and show you to work with it. Moreover, if you want to create some customized filters, our team of veterans is ready to teach you this, as well. We have a particular video tutorial, as well, which will cover the Angular JS topics. It includes directives, service types and directive communication routing and channels. Moreover, the advanced scopes are also discussed here proficiently. Additionally, the aspirants will learn about ways to interact appropriately with 3rd party libraries and servers.

Offering some extra services:

After the completion of the computer-based AngularJS Online Training, you will gain experience and knowledge, needed for working with this appropriate framework. There are some working files incorporated in our package. These data help students to go through the lessons in details.

  • Through this course, you will receive more than 53 lectures, along with 5 hours of content. This is enough to help you know everything about Angular JS framework and the associated features. This course is mainly designed for developers and web designers. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with our courses, you can always get your money back within 30 days.
  • Enjoy lifetime accessibility with mobile learning services. Browse through our courses from mobile, PC, tablet and more, to stay updated with the changes. At the end of this course, each student will receive separate completion certification. This certificate is a mark of their excellence.

Getting close with the curriculum:

Let’s get started with the curriculum, placed in our training courses. The courses are divided into various categories, and the subjects are listed below, in details:

Getting better understanding about the AngularJS Framework:

  • Introduction of the Angular JS framework with proper working files
  • Latest updates in this section and know what is new
  • Model view of the product
  • Ways in which, you should be using AngularJS
  • Ways to access working files

Controllers, views, and built-in directives:

  • This section starts with application setup services
  • Working on controllers and interpolation
  • Built-in directives and ngRepeat
  • Working mainly on ngTemplate, ngClass and ngInclude
  • Different types of ngModels
  • $Scope.$Watch features related to it
  • ngCloak and removal of scope watcher

Know more about filters:

This platform is divided into three separate segments. Those three topics are:

  • Tricks with the available filters
  • Built-in filter services
  • Customized form of filters

Service types of the AngularJS Script:

  • The subject starts with ways to think about the available services
  • Values and constants available in this section
  • Services and factories
  • Decorators and providers
  • Dependency injection services for you

Working on with the directives:

  • Ways to think about the instructions available
  • Breaking down from the chosen directive
  • Working on the first directive – part 1, Part 2 and part 3
  • Link and compile some promising functions
  • Directive communicative channels
  • Data and promising Transclusion package

Promises and routing services:

  • Here, the basic routing services are divided into two parts, and those are part 1 and part2
  • The next subjects talk about signs and redirect services
  • Resolve and routing events from two other important parts for you to deal with

Advanced score and testing service:

  • Scope activities constitute the major factor associated with this service
  • $Scope.$Apply is divided into Part 1 and part 2 section
  • Ways to think about the testing service
  • Look into the unit testing features
  • E2E testing is another important point of focus

Practices as related to production apps:

  • Serving the major factors of AngularJs
  • Organizing the major modules of AngularJs

Dealing with the servers:

  • Here, the first segment deals with $http section
  • The second package deals with $resource

Knowing more than 3rd party libraries:

  • This section is also divided into two parts, where the first one is Angular UI
  • The second section talks about Firebase, as an important point of focus

After going through these packages, you can opt for our final closing thoughts, presented in the last section. Here, in this final wrap-up package, you will be able to ask any questions to the veterans, associated with our training institution. If you are finding it difficult to grasp any particular course, you can opt for AngularJS Online Training, right now. Here, in this last session, the trainers will talk about the latest news on Angular JS.

Objective of the AngularJS training course:

With the help of our courses, students will understand the important designs of single page application. It even talks about the AngularJS facilities as an important part of their development. The students will be able to separate the model properly, view and even control the layers of the application. The services will be implemented with the help of Angular JS.

Our courses will help you to master the expressions, scopes, and filters of Angular JS. You can even build angular forms and write on the directives. Through our services, you can implement Ajax in an elegant manner, and with your AngularJs applications. You can even enjoy AngularJS applications, through our end to end and unit tests.

So, wait no further and contact our veterans, if you want to join our league. With us, you will enjoy the best training services, with a certificate, at the end. We are now just a call away! Book our online application for AngularJS Training with Angular 2/3/4,5/6 Course and we will get back to you, as soon as possible.