Apache Maven Online Training

Even though there is an integrated development environment or IDE, but still Maven is the best build tool, which you need for Java. Well, it is a known fact that building Java in IDE can be a complete task, only when you have a simple project and only for a particular developer. However, if you tend to go beyond that limitation, then this is going to be a very complicated task. During such instances, you are bound to take help of Maven, as the perfect building tool.

There are so many complicated forms of Spring and Java Framework projects, where you need to consider a whole lot of things. Other than working on sharing codes, you need to work on the project dependencies, version control and more.

Join hands with our Apache Maven Online Training, and we would like to start the project with Maven 101 as an introductory note, used proficiently in Java Build Automation Tool. This is going to be a part of Apache Maven tool and comes with hands-on sessions. This course is going to be easy to follow and users can take help of maven for command line and through a proficient integrated development environment or IDE.

Through our course module, you will get to learn more about ways to use maven in the current real world java scenarios. Therefore, you can rely on your present knowledge in the same real world Java projects. With the help of examples, students will get to learn more about the current plugins, Maven repository, transitive dependencies and customising the present lifecycles. You will come to know more about the ways to use Eclipse Ide and m2Eclipse plugin, which helps in viewing and resolving project dependencies.

Requirements for the course:

Anyone with the urge to learn about Maven can take the active part in our course module, but it will be better if the students have basic knowledge in Java sector. On the other hand, they must have a little bit of idea in the Eclipse IDE, s they have to work on various IDEs, at the same time.

Objectives of the Maven Build Automation Course:

Once you have got with the Apache Maven training, you will soon become a pro in this section, and can start using it for developing the future projects with ease. Let’s get down to the objectives of our course.

  • With the help of our course, you will be able to download and install Maven, without taking help of any professionals.
  • You can build project well and work with the directory structure of Maven, plugins, repositories and more than that.
  • Get along with the ways to understand project object model or POM
  • Creating a complete form of web application, with the help of Maven
  • Activating and building profiles
  • Working with the popular plug-ins from Maven
  • Using Maven from Eclipse with the aid of m2eclipse plugin

Primary audiences of the course:

This course is meant for anyone, willing to understand the importance of Maven, and ways in which, this coursework is likely to work. The primary audience over here is, however, the developers and JavaScript tool users, willing to gain some valid information in Maven, and get part of this course structure.

Types of courses available:

To work with the best course modules, we have divided our Maven Project Management into various programmes. It starts with the regular classroom panel, where the students can be a part of the regular classroom setting, and get to learn more about the Maven programmes. On the other hand, for the working professionals, who cannot spend time for regular classes, there are online course modules, with study materials and video demo sessions. For the final step, you can enjoy fast track course modules, where you can end up with the process within weeks and quite fast that the regular ones.

Course curriculum:

It is time for you to learn about the course modules first, before working with the Maven Online Training further.

Welcome to the current session:

  • Introductory note to the Maven Course 101
  • Objectives of the present Apache Maven

Get started with the programme:

  • Prerequisites of the course structures
  • Ways to install and set up the current Apache Maven
  • Checking out the version of the Eclipse IDE
  • Ways to install and set up the current Apache Tomcat 7
  • Set up the Apache Tomcat 7, along with the Eclipse IDE
  • Set up the current Maven with the help of Eclipse IDE

Basic course structure of Maven:

  • Get enough of the Maven for the support of 1st practical project
  • Creation of the current 1st Maven project
  • Discovering the standard layout of the Maven directory
  • Creating the present ways to structure the layout of the Maven directory
  • Ways to import Java maven project along with the Eclipse IDE
  • Ways to Create New Java Maven project in the current Eclipse IDE
  • Ways to import Java maven project with the help of Eclipse IDE from the present Github

Introductory note to the project object model or the POM:

  • Introduction note to project object model
  • Packaging types associated with POM

Lifecycles and the use:

  • Introductory note to the lifecycles
  • Default structure of lifecycle

Working with the plugins:

  • Introductory note to the plug-ins
  • Configuration of plug-in
  • Javadoc plug-in session
  • Surefire plug-in session

Phases and the understatements:

  • Site lifeCycle
  • Goals with the present lifeCycles

Customization of lifecycles:

  • Customization of lifeCycles in three parts: Part1, Part2 and Part3

Transitive forms of dependencies:

  • Introductory note to the dependencies
  • Overview of the present sample web applications
  • Eclipse IDE with the help of web tools platform or WTP
  • Overview of the current sample web app POM
  • Transitive form of dependencies

Scope of dependency:

  • Dependency scope in Part 1 and Part 2

Ways to discover and add new dependencies:

  • Ways to find and add latest dependencies to projects in three sections: Part1, Part 2 and Part 3

Always be sure to go through each of the course modules first, and check the topics covered over there, before investing money in those courses. Before you join our Maven Online Training, it is vital to get along with leading guidance in this section first and get the courses in mind.