Cognos Online Training

With the help of Cognos Online Training , you will receive complete training and maerials with real time expert. The IBM Cognos TM1 course starts at the primary level and finally progress to the advanced stages. The Cognos courses are mainly designed to avail proper guidance. All you need to do is just get associated with the experienced professionals for help as they are related to IBM Cognos Course, and you will receive real time multiple projects to handle. These projects are necessary to help you get a significant response in this field and make you a pro before you enter the real world.

Dealing with certified courses:

We ensure to provide our clients with only certified courses. The course content along with the syllabus is primarily based on the requirements of students, and the latest changes taking place. Depending on the career goal, there are various forms of services available. In this field of Cognos, you will get to learn more about the concepts of data warehousing, an architecture of Cognos 8.4 architecture, Cognos query studio, and framework manager. You will even get to know more about the Cognos eight report studios and with the analysis studio, as some of the additional prospects, taking place for your help.

You will receive some further information on analysis studio from Cognos SDK Training, report templates, and the real time Cognos projects. Once you have come to terms of our certified programs, it will not be long for you to get in touch with the expert services. You will receive the best of TM1 training once you are selected for our services.

Dealing with Numerous Training:

There are loads of various training locations, which you will receive once you have planned to take help of our services. The training centers are now thoroughly equipped with excellent infrastructure and lab facilities. We are going to offer you with the best-certified training path, meant for our students. As our courses are available online, as well, therefore; you will receive the best training without leaving the comfort of your house. We have more than 100 students and have helped in their interview preparation. Therefore, once you have got acquainted with the quality training from our side, there is no looking back.

Course module:

Before you plan to take help of our IBM Cognos 10 BI Training, it is important to get in touch with the curriculum, which we follow here. The services are now mentioned in details, below:

Introductory note to Data Warehousing:

  • Introduction to the dataware house.
  • Characteristics of dataware housing
  • OLAP Vs OLTP databases
  • Various approaches of DWH
  • Fattable Vs. Dimension table
  • Data warehouse vs. data mart
  • Concepts of the schemas; snowflake schema and star schema
  • Reporting tools and industry leading ETL

Introduction to the Cognos:

  • More about the Cognos 10 BI.

Tier architecture:

  • Cognos release; Reportnet, EP series 7, cognos 8.0/8,1/8.2/8.3
  • Features of the Cognos 8.4
  • Cognos and other OLAP tools
  • Cognos components; reporting and modeling
  • Various services of cognos

Cognos connections:

  • Personalized cognos connection.
  • Manage and create portals, report views and shortcuts
  • Working with content store and cognos configuration
  • Ways to connect various data sources
  • Security setup
  • Export and import of package
  • Running the report burn
  • Scheduling reports

Framework manager:

  • More about framework manager, metadata modeling
  • More about framework manager.
  • Creating usage and interface
  • Creation of namespace and model
  • Importing the metadata
  • Naming convention for objects in project
  • Production of query subjects and query items
  • Merging query subjects
  • Creation of settling cardinalities and relationships
  • Creating parameters macros and maps
  • Creation of model filters, calculations and prompts
  • Set governors and add business rules
  • Assigning package level security
  • Publishing package and improving performance

Query Studio:

  • Introductory note to Qeury studio
  • More about the ad hoc reports
  • Various types of report: cross tab, list, chart reports and others
  • Applying prompts, filters, and calculations
  • Groupings, sorting, aggregate functions and sections
  • Manage and run reports

Report studio:

  • Various types of report template
  • Creation of list, chart, cross tab, repeater, maps and other forms of reports
  • Report templates and formatting reports – style, fonts, footer, header and boarder
  • Creation and generation of prompt page
  • Types of prompts
  • Layout calculations and query calculations
  • Dynamic filters and static filters
  • Conditional block and conditional formatting
  • Cascading quick and master details
  • Hyperlinks and HTML items
  • Setting burst options and set oeprators
  • Drill down and drill up
  • Drill through
  • Setting variables and report functions
  • Report validation
  • Reports run with the help of options

Analysis studio:

  • Change the present number of visible items
  • Insert data.
  • Replace and nest data
  • Explore and sort data
  • Changing the measure
  • Drill down into some details and hide items
  • Inserting a calculation
  • Saving a customized set
  • Defining a filter
  • Using the best dynamic context
  • Comparing the sets of data

Event studio:

  • Adding up some event conditions
  • Creating agents
  • Scheduling agents
  • Task and task executing rules

Training duration of the courses:

It is important to get in touch with the Cognos Administration Training first before you proceed further with the explanations. It is important to get along with the regular classes, which are available on three different shifts, and those are day time, morning and evening. The duration of this course is for 25 days. For the working professionals, you will enjoy the best weekend training classes, available on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. The duration of this course is for six weeks.

Additionally, if you have only a few days to spare and need to take help of the Cognos Training , you can always call for our fast track training courses. Here, the entire course will get completed within five days, and with more than 5 hours extra on daily classes.

So, wait no further and contact us to take the active part in our Cognos TM1 Online Training, for some immediate response now.