DevOps Online Training

DevOps  engineering is associated with AWS and the courses help in demonstrating ways to use the typical DevOps patterns. These models are mainly used to deploy, develop and even maintain applications on the current AWS platform. The course helps in covering the core principles of the DevOps   methodology and examines current number of case applicable, to small medium business, startup, and enterprise development scenarios.

Objective of the course:

The chosen DevOps Online Training is primarily designed for helping you to teach the concept on how to:

  • Proficiently use the major concepts and practices, associated with DevOps
  • You will be able to implement and design a current infrastructure on the present AWS method. It helps in supporting more DevOps development projects and more.
  • With the help of our course, you will be able to use the current cloud formation from AWS and with the present ops work from the DevOps developing projects.
  • Proficient use of cloud formation with AWS and setting up the GIT on AWS
  • We would like to help you to understand the current array of options, for enabling continuous integrated environment on AWS
  • Understand the core principles of the continuous deployment and with continuous integration services
  • Implement some of the common deployment practices with the use of AWS technologies, and those include A/B testing and blue or green deployment service
  • Fine tuning of the applications you are currently delivering on the present AWS for correct performance and proper use of AWS technologies and tools for monitoring the environment and application for potential issues

Some of the aspiring audience:

We are proud to present to you a thoughtful and unique course on DevOps  , where our main aim is to the attract audience from various corners of the world. The course is primarily intended for the software developers and system administrators. Moreover, this course is also a foundation for anyone, who aspires to become a DevOps   engineer, in the current field of enterprise infrastructures. Some of the professionals, who are going to be the key beneficiary of the course, are testing professionals, project managers and software architect, and software developers.

Pre-requisites to follow:

As the pre-requisite of this course, you are asked to follow some of the basic knowledge of networking and Linux subjects. Moreover, you should have some thorough knowledge in the field of system operations on the current AWS course. On the other hand, you must also have some thoughtful information on the attended development on AWS course and working knowledge of high level programming languages, like Java, C#, Ruby, PHP and Python. It will be extremely important to you if you can have some fruitful knowledge of the administering Windows or Linux systems at the present command line level. Finally, you must have a little bit of working experience with the present AWS with the help of AWS management console and the current AWS CLI platforms. These are some of the packages, which you must have in advance, before joining for our courses. It will help you to gain some positive note and learn smoothly for our courses over here.

Division of course as per day wise:

For those people, who are currently associated with the DevOps   development training and want to move towards the advanced level, for them, we have divided the course in three broad outlines. Those three outlines are divided into three basic sections. Listed below, are the three days along with the subjects taught, under their durations:

Day 1:

  • Real meaning behind DevOps
  • Infrastructure as the code part 1: Security and design
  • Infrastructure as the code part 2: Configuration management and cloud formation

Day 2:

  • Continuous delivery of the AWS
  • Continuous integration in the present cloud
  • Deployment applications on the present AWS, part 1

Day 3:

  • Deployment applications on AWs, Part II
  • Outing the learning panels together
  • Performance or tuning of the deployments
  • Automating and administering of the infrastructure

Get to know more about the curriculum:

Before you proceed further with the DevOps Online Course from our side, it is important to know more about the curriculum, which we have in store for you. Listed below, are some of the detailed accounts of the course study:

Introductory note to the DevOps with its necessities:

In this module, you will get to learn more about the DevOps  along with its necessities. You will also come to know more about its daily roles along with the solutions and problems. Additionally, you will get to learn more about the different infrastructure layouts along with the scalability and availability.


  • DevOps roles and basic idea on DevOps
  • DevOps necessities
  • DevOps  solutions and problems
  • Making of the DevOps  transition
  • Identification of the cultural impediments and solving those areas
  • Building trust and accountability
  • Understand the current infrastructure layout with the challenges
  • Understanding the real meaning of scalability and the availability
  • Networking concepts as related to the enterprise perspective

Understanding the present infrastructure servers:

In this particular module, the aspiring students are going to learn more about different infrastructure servers, which are now facing deployment in organization, along with its optimization and configurations.


  • Working at Internet scale as DNS server
  • DNS configuration and installation
  • DNS tuning and understand the current working of the geolocation
  • Understanding the importance of web servers like Nginx, Apache and know more about their differences
  • Loan balancing service with the help of HA proxy
  • Setting up NFS for the current storage presentations

Other topics for your use:

Apart from the points already mentioned, you are cordially invited to learn some of the other topics, related to DevOps with AWS Course from our side. You will get to learn about the ways to implement the automated installations and the deployments services. There is another package, which talks about ways to understand positioning tuning aspects. You will get to know more about the security of the infrastructure. Another significant platform is related to Puppet and Jenkins.

So, wait no further and contact experts from our leading educational institution, and let us help you with your DevOps packages. It is important to book for a seat first before it’s too late!