Docker Online Training

Docker is defined as open source software, used in various sectors of DevOps processes and tools. Some of the similar sections over here are Nagios, Puppet, Jenkins, GIT and more. These are primarily used for automating the multiple steps in the current Ansible, SDLC, Chef and in the SaltStack sector. Furthermore, this package comprises of Docker Hub, which is another cloud-based service for automating workflows and sharing applications.

Docker, on the other hand, enables apps to be assembled quickly from components and further helps in eliminating friction between QA, development and production environments. It talks about the ways, in which the open source platform can assist in playing smooth delivery and value. Get acquainted with our Docker Online Training, and you will enjoy the best service over here now.

Requirements of the course:

If you want to be a part of this course module, there are some requirements, which you need to be acquainted with. You must have the internet as the primary need over here, along with Windows, OS X or Linus.

What will you receive from this course?

If by any chance, you are not satisfied with the course structure, as procured from our side, you will get your money back within 30 days. Once you have registered your name on our side, you can enjoy lifetime accessibility of the course modules. Moreover, the courses are designed for not just PC users, but for those using Android or IOS sections. You can learn the details of course now, even while you are on the go. This is going to be a rewarding practice for you, as you will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Basic type of course training:

Before you proceed further, let’s get down at the type of training sessions available from our side.

  • Introductory note to Docker: This is going to be an on-site, two-day, classroom-based course, which will introduce you to the current Docker platform. It further helps the users to understand the growing needs and requirements of DevOps, along with the problems used for resolving the same issues.
  • An advanced form of Docker Operations: This is going to be a two-day course, which is primarily designed to help experienced and advanced systems administrator. Here, the main functions are likely to be associated with understanding the performance along with underlying security used for infrastructure.
  • Docker Administration and Operations: The docker operations and administration course comprise of an introduction to Docker course. This is followed by advanced docker topics course. This will be a program for four consecutive days.

Get to learn docker best:

Thanks to our Dockers Online Training, this course helps in offering the proficient learning experience for core technologies, relating to the Docker. It comprises of understanding the automated installations and deployments. On the other hand, the behind the scene theory is also going to be explained, and concepts are likely to be demonstrated too. You do not have to get along with any former Docker or DevOps knowledge over here, as the course will start from the basic level.

You will be able to under and apply the python or bash basics over here with the help of basic concepts on implementing virtualization. Furthermore, you will get to understand the needs and concepts, relating to logging and monitoring services.  Get to learn furthermore about DevOps tools like Jenkins, Puppets and more.

Course curriculum:

Let’s get along with our course curriculum first, before you join hands with our training programs. Listed below, are the courses divided into various sectors:

Introductory note to the Dockers:

  • Introductory note to the course
  • Prerequisites before going through the Dockers sectors

Introductory note to the virtualization:

  • Real meaning behind the term virtualization
  • Get to the core values of Paravirtualization
  • Deal with the best full virtualization service
  • Containers virtualization and its prospects

Working on the configurations:

  • Installing Docker program and configuring Docker for monitoring heath status of Apache Web server.

Architecture service:

  • Docker architecture as the open source software

Working with the present client of docker:

  • Getting hold of the best docker version of all time
  • Writing a customized Nagios plugin
  • Using the Docker plugin for monitoring the current status of Apache web server, along with the alerted email sent to the issues
  • Proficient write up of the Doppler plugin for controlling the present interface speed of the current NIC card on system, if the speed is less than 1 GBPS

Dealing with the DNS split-zone:

  • Real meaning of the DNS Splits zone
  • Make sure of the recent changes in DNS configuration along with zone files, which need to be audited

Get along practical with Docker and with the proficient use of WordPress:

  • Introductory note to docker for the current WordPress Developers
  • Ways to build docker containers manually for WordPress
  • Ways to use the proper image of the official docker WordPress
  • Deployment of WordPress with the help of Docker

Importance of docker for career and the skills:

Through our Dockers Online Training, we will be able to teach members the latest cloud computing techniques. Docker might not be a formal cloud computing topic, but it helps in providing a real revolution, which the companies need to speed their development procedure. It is the necessary management process of open source platform.

There are some reasons to rely on Docker, as the best tool for the developers. With the help of this software, users will be given the golden opportunity to work without going through any dependencies. You will be able to write any script, to get along with the users, who never logged into the account for the last three months and locked their present accounts. Being a developer, at this point in time, means you have skills on some of the prominent cloud computing platforms. You will come to know more about it, and follow the next step through Docker.

Our Dockers Training works as an additional bonus point, which will help in your developer’s career. We have fast track programs for the developers and some online training programs as well if you cannot afford to attend the standard classes. Our online course modules are for working professionals, where they will receive a prominent result.