GitHub Online Training

Github is one of the primary code hosting platforms for controlling versions and collaboration that lets people work together on projects from anywhere in the world. To acquire knowledge on the use of this platform, you will have to learn various things like branches, repositories, commits and even pull requests. You are welcome to our GitHub Online Training. We have designed and developed our course in such a way so that you can get complete access to the knowledge of the platform and create and review codes in the best way.  You will not require any knowledge of coding or use the commanding line.

The Objectives Of The Git Training :

On completing our GitHub Course, you will learn lots of things.

  • You can easily understand and apply several commands of Git
  • You can easily explore the tools of Git with the desktop and source tree.
  • You can implement the design ofGit flow in the source tree
  • You can use commands and tools for reviews
  • You can apply different designing and techniques of workflow with the help of command line 

Reasons For Obtaining The Course:

There are several reasons for which you should look forward to acquiring the GitHub Version Control Tool. In fact, the Git hosting service can quickly help in creating an open source community. It is not surprising to find that majority of the high paying companies are using the platform of Github for bringing up new and innovative software languages. It is possible to create the language of open source software to share repositories with many other developers. You can even implement this concept in Big Data and the technology of Hadoop. In addition to that, it can even be implemented in Java and many other frameworks.

Who Is Eligible For The Course:

If you think that GitHub is just for developers, you are wrong. In fact, you will be happy to know that we have designed our GitHub Code Hosting in such a way so that anyone can enrol in it. Whether you are a project manager, software developer or a tech writer, you can enrol in the course and acquire hands-on knowledge on it. Our course will give you a basic introduction of Git along with the concepts of Github so that you learn the use of version control. With little or no experience with Git, you can join our class. Apart from that, some of the most suitable options for candidates are

  • Testing professionals,
  • Software professionals
  • Contributors and enthusiasts of open source
  • Architects and designers of software
  • Developers who look forward to accelerating their careers as practitioners in this platform
  • Technical managers as subject matter experts.

More About The Course:

In general, the duration of our GitHub Online Training is about 18 hours approximately. We hold interactive classes, and each class is approximately of three hours. Hence, it is divided into 6 different sessions. You have the flexibility to schedule and reschedule your class, especially if you miss any class. You can get lifetime access to the class recording, which will make things easy and efficient for you. Following the completion of the course, you will be given an assignment that you have to complete before the initiation of the next class.

Completing Your Project Work:

During the project work, you will have to do few things, which is an exclusive part.

  • The trainer will create repositories for the project, and you will have to fork that.
  • You will have to clone the forked repository on the machine and create a feature branch
  • You can add some files, edit them and even remove them. Consequently, you can check out the changes brought about to the feature and pushed it to the original repo.
  • You will have to configure the upstream repo and even create a pull request for other developers
  • Try to work on the features of pull apply for and provide different comments on the user interface of GitHub.
  • You are free to merge the changes from the pull repository and push the changes to the main branch.
  • Make sure that you delete the branches and the features.

Get Your Certification:

Once you complete your real time project, you will be assigned grades. By that, you will obtain the certification. The certificate that you earn with our Code Management Platform with GitHub is extremely valuable, and it is highly recognised by large numbers of companies across the world. However, if your project is not approved in the first attempt, there is nothing to worry. We will offer you expert support and guidance in getting a better understanding of the overall concept. Consequently, you can re-attempt to do the project free of cost.

What To Expect?

With our GitHub Online Course, it is evident that you will enjoy scores of features and benefits.

  • Once you enrol with us, you will get lifetime access to our learning materials. This will include the recordings of the class materials, project documents, sample codes, installation guides, class presentations, etc. In fact, your login will never expire.
  • You can even expect to get 24/7 support from us so that if you experience any problem or if you have any doubts, you can easily get it clarified.
  • We have the industry leading professionals to train you and offer you knowledge over the entire concept of Github.
  • Our courses are updated thoroughly due to which you will be highly valued after the completion of the course. 

Boost Your Career:

The popularity of our GitHub Software Development & Code Sharing Platform Course has undoubtedly increased to an enormous extent. Therefore, if you are looking forward to advancing your career in a different field while availing the convenience of working with others from anywhere, our course is rightly designed for you. You can even expect to get a higher pay when you have acquired complete skill and knowledge on this course.