Microsoft Azure Online Training

In a layman’s term, Microsoft Azure is defined as a cloud computing platform, and an infrastructure, which was created by Microsoft. This platform was designed for deploying, building and managing services and applications through global networking data centres. It offers clients with IaaS and PaaS services and helps in supporting different types of tools and frameworks, programming languages and more. It comprises of third party systems, software, and Microsoft-concrete structure.

Azure is used in different services, and some of those are: mobile services, compute, BizTalk services, storage services, big compute, business analytics, data management, messaging, identity, CND, media services, integration, networking, management and developer. On the other hand, the same Azure panel is used in different other categories, to match with growing requirement of clients.

Objectives of the course:

  • With the help of this Windows Azure Online Training, you will be able to learn more about Microsoft Azure, and further create an account in the Windows Azure section.
  • You will be able to create and even deploy the web application with the help of proficient use of websites of Windows Azure.
  • You will be able to understand and use the storage of Windows Azure.
  • You will further be able to develop, update and deploy a cloud-based service in Azure.
  • You can create and further connect to the existing SQL database, after going through the course module.

Audience of the course:

This particular course is meant for those, ready to learn the importance of Microsoft Azure. This platform is mainly for the web service developers and the web application developers. On the other hand, if anyone wants to move applications to Cloud, then this service is best suited for them.

Description of the course:

With the help of our MicroSoft Azure Online Training, you will come to learn more about the importance of Windows Azure platforms, along with the proficient set of Microsoft based cloud technologies and services. The primary aim of this course is to focus towards the Azure storage, Azure websites, and SQL database and cloud services. Other than learning more about the course, you will further get to know more about the demonstrations, so that you can start any real-life project, after completion of our course.

Prerequisite of our course:

The aspirants, willing to be a part of Microsoft Azure, will always get the best course module from us. However, the students must have some basic knowledge of web technologies, to be a part of this skill set. On the other hand, they will even get to learn more about the basic programming skills, which will help you to find out more about our course.

Types of courses available:

Before proceeding further and planning to be a part of our Azure training module, you should learn about the types of course structures, we have. It starts with the regular classroom classes, which are now available for the students with typical classroom structure. These classes are vital, especially if you want to learn the courses in their current manner.

On the other hand, for the working professionals, it becomes a little bit difficult to know of the course, after being a part of classroom module. For them, we have unique online training classes, which are designed with study materials and video tutorials. You can always get hold of the best services, and get to learn everything about Microsoft Azure, without leaving the comfort of your place.

Furthermore, we have fast track course modules too, where the courses will be completed within a short span of time. Here, the days will be more and the hours of training will expand at the same time. For example, the courses, which used to take 5 to 6 weeks, those will be completed within 2 to 3 weeks, max to max here.

Course modules and tutorials:

Now, let’s get down to the course module, along with the topics, covered under each programme.

  • Learning about the Microsoft Azure, as the active directory:

Here, you are likely to receive a complete overview of the Azure Active Directory, which is further defined as the cloud-based version of the directory services of Windows platform. Here, you will come to learn more about ways to manage group and user accounts and join the client computers. Furthermore, you will be able to implement some single sign-on, along with multifactor authentication.

  • Understanding the real functionalities of Microsoft Azure core:

Here, you will receive an IT administrative view from our Azure Training. The course module here offers the features relating to the field of Microsoft Azure. You will further get to learn the importance of managing Azure account and configuration the options with the help of portals or the scripting of PowerShell. This will help you to set up the panels successfully.

  • Proper use of Windows Azure with the support of Windows Phone 8:

Through this course module, you will further come to know more about ways, to add data storage, SMS messaging and email messaging. On the other hand, you can even get along with push notifications for Windows Phone apps with the help of Windows Azure.

  • Proper use of Windows Azure, with the help of Windows Store apps:

The main aim of this course module is to assist you to understand the importance of email, data storage and SMS messaging, along with push notifications for Windows Store apps. It comes handy with proper use of Windows Azure.

  • Up and appropriate run with Azure:

Here, you will get started with the first steps to work with Windows Azure. This is the primary Microsoft cloud, which is offering website development, data storage, mobile messaging and the field of mobile authentication. There are some more valid points, which are incorporated in this sector.

Other than the course modules mentioned above, our MicroSoft Azure Online Course further helps in working with Azure mobile services and cloud storage APIs, as some of the reliable options for you to work on. However, you should go through all the available options first, before joining hands with our Windows Azure course module for your use over here.