MicroStrategy Online Training

MicroStrategy is defined as a module, which helps in building analytical applications. The primary aim of these applications is to develop various frameworks like product development, analytical starter kit, and some design methodologies. The Microstrategy is based on the present business intelligence analysis tool. This segment is also defined as Human Resource Analysis Module, which is also defined as HRAM. This module helps in providing you with the details, which are of the lowest level and into highest level, in some step by step procedures. Such sections take place after using business functions.

Microstrategy is also defined by an enterprise intelligence platform, which helps in transforming information to user’s, with the assistance of emails and mobile devices. We use three different types of software programs for our training sessions, and those are MAE, MAD, and MAE.

  • MAE: MAE mainly stands for “micro strategy analytics enterprise.” This service is used to deal with the grade enterprise factor in the business tool.
  • MAD: Here the term MAD stands for “micro strategy analytics desktops.” This tool is mainly used for visualizing analytics and other forms of free self-service. In the desktop, you will be able to save, create and even view some reports.
  • MAE: MAE is known as “micro strategy analytics express.” This is mainly termed as a free cloud-based service. It is used by the visual analytics for some extra help.

There are six significant components, creating micro strategy architecture. Those six components are:

  • Data warehousing service, or online analytical processing
  • Source systems or the online transactional processing
  • ETL process
  • Data import service
  • Metadata database
  • Micro strategy applications

Basic content of the course:

Before you plunge into the MicroStrategy Training , it is important for you to gain some ideas on the essential content of course. There are some important or core topics, which are of MicroStrategy segment. If you want to know more about the service, you have to go through the core topics first:

  • Overview of the Micro strategy components
  • Micro strategy desktop
  • Style manipulation along with data manipulation
  • Micro strategy architect
  • Micro strategy reports services
  • Advanced form of MicroStrategy Desktop
  • Micro strategy intelligence server
  • Introductory note to the MicroStrategy web server
  • Administration package of MicroStrategy
  • Microstrategy of small server

Some information about our trainers:

We know that people have a different flexible mindset, and they will not like to work with anyone, who is not talented in this section. Therefore, we are here to provide you with services from experts, especially veterans. Each of our veterans is known for having more than nine years of experience in various domains. We have been working in this section for more than six years of experience and all on micro strategy.

We have more than four years of experience in the online and corporate training experience. Additionally, we will provide you with the MicroStrategy Certified consultant services, too.

MicroStrategy Training Course Content:

Whenever you are planning to try your hand with the MicroStrategy Online Training, you better be aware of the course module first. Some of the details are mentioned below:


  • OLAP
  • Business intelligence
  • Overview of the database
  • Introduction to the BI tools
Introductory note of the MicroStrategy:
  • Architecture structure with the micro strategy
  • Desktop of MicroStrategy
  • Web micro strategy
  • Servers of MicroStrategy
  • Administration and folder structure
  • My personal objects and familiar objects
  • Schema objects and meta data
  • Data export and report view
  • Customized groups and auto styles
  • Tables and facts
  • Update schema

Advanced features:

Get a different course on advanced features, which are associated with micro strategy services. Some of the options are:

  • Project configuration and attribute creation
  • Metric creation and drill map
  • Templates

Prompt service:

This course talks about the immediate service, which forms an integral part of the micro strategy services. Some of those courses are:

  • Administration facts and filter
  • Report creation and grid report
  • Transformation and analyzing data
  • Data Explorer and hierarchies
  • Report creation on website and adhoc report
  • Searches, joins, and documents

Expert administration and features:

  • Project and installation service
  • User creation and intelligence server
  • User privilege and security implementation
  • Command manager and object manager
  • Formatting report and understanding requirement
  • Performance improvement and SQL creation
  • Administration configuration and challenges associated with report

More about the classes:

As people have different mindsets, therefore; we make it a point to provide them with services of various classes. It starts with the regular classes, which takes place on day time, morning and evening. The duration of such classes is for four weeks. There are a special weekend training classes too, available on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Here, the duration of the course is for five weeks. For another section, people can look for the fast track training program, which takes 2 hours extra on classes, daily. Here, you can complete the course within two weeks’ time.

Practical training for your segment:

Through us, you will receive well-trained veterans, ready to provide you with the best MicroStrategy Online Training package. Recent statistics show that we have gained good record in giving guidance for beginners and professionals, when compared with any other institution. It is enough to display the importance of our services, and how well we have won over millions of heart.

Opt for the individual course package:

If you do not feel like studying in a group with other aspiring students, you can always opt for the different courses. Here, you will receive separate study materials, to go with the micro strategy courses and subjects. Most of the courses are available in two days, in length. If you want to know more about the learning portal, call us up.We would like to help you with the best course accessibility service or package. You can purchase some of the best guidance from our experts.

So, what are you waiting for? It is just a matter of few minutes, and you will get the best course accessibility for any budget, you choose. We have different PTP and PEP passes, to go handy with the course.