MSBI Online Training

MSBI Training Course Content and the relevant Syllabus:

Before you proceed further and join hands with Best MSBI Training from our side, it is important to grab some notes on our MSBI training syllabus. Some of the basic options are now mentioned below:


  • What is the real meaning of Microsoft business intelligence?
  • The basic and core concepts of BI, which is cube or associated with UDM
  • Example cube as procured using excels pivot table
  • MSBI platform is comprehensive and more than analysis services on the current SQL Server
  • Demonstration of the SQL reporting services, and with cube as best data source

OLAP modeling:

  • Modeling source schemas, associated with stars and snowflakes
  • Understanding the importance of dimensional modeling – dimension type 1, 2 and 3 or the rapidly changing version
  • Understand the importance of factor measures and cube.
  • Other forms of modeling, like data mining and more

Proficient use of SSAS in BIDS:

  • Creation of data source and data sourcing views
  • Understand the importance of development environment
  • Production of cubes with the help of Cube Build Wizard and UDM
  • Refining measures and dimensions in BIDS

Intermediate SAAS:

  • Perspectives
  • KPIs
  • Actions – drill through, regular and reporting
  • Translation services with currency localization and cube metadata

Advanced SSAS:

  • Modeling service on intermediate fact tables
  • Proficient use of multiple fact tables
  • Modeling M: M dimensions, role playing aspects, factor degenerate dimensions and write back dimensions
  • Modeling changing aspects, like dimension intelligence w/wizard
  • Proficient use by adding business intelligence wizards – semi-additive measures, write back, account intelligence and time intelligence

Cube aggregation and storage:

  • Advanced storage design with the help of MOLAP, HOLAP, and ROLAP
  • Storage topics: MOLAP and necessary aggregations
  • Partitions – Analysis services partitions and relational services
  • Customized aggregated design – processing design
  • ROLAP dimensions or rapidly changing dimensions
  • Proactive caching: The world of real time.
  • Options, related to cube processing

Beginning MDX:

  • Basic syntax associated with this section
  • New functions of MDX
  • Proficient use of MDX query editor in the present SQL Server management studio
  • Most used functions and everyday tasks

Working with intermediate MDX:

Apart from the points, which are already presented in our MSBI Training, there are some other additional points, to be noted with standard MDX platform. Here, you will get to know more about the addition of calculated members and adding scripts. Moreover, you will be acquainted with adding some named sets. From SSAS administration to.NET assemblies, there are loads of options waiting for you to withhold.

Best practices related to health monitoring:

Through our MicroSoft Business Intelligence Course, you will be acquainted with health follow-up to and some of the best practices. It comprises of the XMLA scripting, which talks about SQL MGMT Studio. Additionally, you will also receive other forms of documentation methods. Moreover, get to know more about the roles and permissions of security, and backup or restore services of disaster recovery.  Avail the services of high availability with clustering services.

Proper introduction to data mining:

Our renowned MSBI Training comprise of individual notes on data mining. Here, you will receive special courses, talking about the examples of using each of 9 algorithms. Some of the primary examples are MS Decision trees, MS Clustering, MS and Naïve Bayes. Additionally, courses are meant for data mining dimensions, data mining clients, and sequence clustering. Get to the core of MS time series, MS neural network and MS association rules, as some of the latest points.

Join our Best MSBI Training and you will get in touch with the reputed MSBI related training for a futuristic career approach.