OBIEE Online Training

At present, the importance of Online OBIEE Training is increasing at a fast pace, and with us, you will receive proper training in this section. With us, you will receive the best OBIEE Training, which helps in providing you with a head start to your career now. With the help of our reliable experts, you will avail real time training, which are focused mostly on focused job oriented course. The PBIEE course starts from the primary level and comes with advanced sections too. It is designed in such a manner, which will help students with proper guidance and materials. From us, you will receive the help from certified experts and some of the expert values.

Design for your help:

Our OBIEE Training program is meant for you to learn everything, related to Oracle BI server. You will even come to know more about the values of Admin tool associated with Oracle BI. Additionally, get some valid information on Oracle BI Answers and Oracle BI marketing. Some of the additional critical points, which will be covered on our side, are Interactive Dashboards, Delivers, Oracle BI disconnected analytics, Publisher and Oracle BI Plug-in and OBIEE real time projects. Once you have come to terms of our subjects and certified course.

Overview of the course:

There are different types of issues, which you will come across while planning to enroll your name in OBIEE 12c Training from our side. If you want to know more about the courses, please go through the points as mentioned below:


  • Dimensional modeling basics
  • General form of data wares housing concepts
  • Dimensional types; SCD and Conformed
  • Fact types; Nonadditive, Additive, Accumulator, and Snapshot


  • Prerequisite installation
  • Points of caution while focusing towards installation procedure
  • Understand the requirements of RCU
  • Best practices associated with the installation procedures
  • Differences stated between enterprise and simple install

RPD modeling and admin tool:

  • Understanding the importance of offline and online modes of RPD
  • Creation of repository with the help of administration tool
  • Creating physical layer of repository
  • Basics of repository
  • Production of physical layer of repository.
  • Building BMM layer and physical model of repository
  • Presentation layer of repository
  • Dimension lookups and aggregate persistence
  • Hierarchical tables and with best parent-child hierarchy
  • Creating time series measures
  • Model a ragged hierarchy dimension
  • Validation and testing of repository
  • Creation of calculated measures and dimension hierarchies
  • Organization of presentation layer and addition of multiple sources
  • Working with variables and initialization blocks
  • Execution of direct database requests and working with aggregates

Know more about analysis and dashboard:

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are different other important points, which are related to analysis and dashboard. You will receive some valid points from OBIEE Training, once you have joined hands with us. You will get to know more about editing and creating analysis. Moreover, add some points for creating some of the interactive dashboards with the help of analysis. Lately, after going through the basic options, you will come to know more about other topics like working with filters, creation of chart and query, working with the pivot table and building charts and views in a request.

Other than the points mentioned above, you will come to know more about ways to creating and configuring dashboard prompts and interactive dashboards.You will learn the important points in setting action links. Understand the importance of KPI, with scorecards and watch lists. You will come to know more about Oracle BI for the modern MS Office. For some extra points, you will learn about ways to use job manager. Moreover, once you have joined OBIEE Course, you will get some valid information on the means to send alerts, with the help of the delivery.

Security and architecture feature:

Come to know more about the architecture and security features, once you have joined hands with OBIEE DAC Training from our side. Some of the valid categories are listed below:

  • Role of enterprise manager and WebLogic server
  • Understanding the importance of OBIEE architecture, 11g
  • Managed and admin server
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Creation of application roles
  • Creating groups, users and web Catalog groups
  • Integration of LDAP
  • Data level and object level security implementation
  • Security implementation, associated with web catalog

Classes and their duration:

From our OBIEE 11g / 12c Administration Training segments, you will receive special classes, divided into three sections. The regular classes are available for 30 days, and the slots fall into three versions; morning, day and evening. Weekend training classes are likely to take place on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Here, the duration of the course is for five weeks. If you want to get along with the fast track training programs, you have the liberty to do so. Here, you have to dedicate 5 hours more on the daily basis, and you will complete the entire course within 14 days.

More about our trainers:

Once you have planned to take help of our OBIEE Admin Training, you will get help from leading experts only. Our trainers have:

  • More than five years of experience in Business Intelligence
  • Worked on several real-time OBIEE related projects
  • Been associated with some of the top notch MNC companies in the world
  • Trained more than 100 students, so far
  • Strong practical and theoretical knowledge

Hands on OBIEE Training:

Most of our students have the misconception that training institutions might not guarantee them with Real-Time Training. Well, not with us! Once you have planned to take help of our Best OBIEE Course, you will receive proper guidance by our instructor to crack obiee interview, just after completing our certified projects. You will receive the best services from our side.