Oracle Apps Technical Online Training

Avail some of the best real-time Oracle Apps Training Our Oracle application program starts with the basic level, forwarding to the advanced stages. The Oracle App Course is mainly designed to get the job in some of the good MNC Companies.There are some app training certified courses, which we have for our students. Through these app courses, you will receive a certificate after completion of the courses from our side. These certificates are the mark of your excellence, and only provided to the noted students.

Our Oracle trainers are certified experts and are well associated with some hands-on training with real time Oracle project and knowledge. We have designed Oracle app training programs, where you will come to learn more about Oracle R12 Technical, Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle HRMS and Oracle app technical. Moreover, you can even try your hand for the Oracle apps real time project.

Through our Company Oracle Apps Technical Training, you will be able to get along with multiple technologies experience. The application training centers are now equipped with excellent infrastructure and lab facilities. We have a separate application certification training path for the aspiring students. Through the associated Oracle application training centers, we have provided our clients with more than 92 Oracle applications. The fees of our Oracle course are value for money and with tailor-made course fee. The salary is based on the student’s training arrangements. The application is conducted in various sections, and some of those are daytime classes, evening batch classes, weekend training classes and fast track training lessons.

Syllabus of the training course content:

Introduction to the Oracle application:

Module 1: Architecture:

  • Architecture framework of the Oracle application package
  • Responsibilities and product directory structure users
  • Significant role of the app database user
  • File objects in the Oracle applications
  • Profile options
  • Database objects in Oracle Applications

Module 2: Registration:

  • Table registration and table registration with AD_DD package
  • Sequence and view registration
  • New module development or new application development
  • Form functions, registrations, and non-form functions
  • Basic report registration and parametric report registration
  • Registration of the SQL Plus files
  • Registration of the SQL loader files

Module 3: Development of the report:

  • Customization of reports after adding DFF info
  • Customization of reports by just removing the parameters
  • Flexfield reports with the single structure

Module 4: Interface development:

  • Use of the standard import programs
  • Interface scenarios
  • GL interface
  • Daily rate import

Module 5: Up-gradation:

  • Reports of up-gradation
  • Forms of up-gradations
  • Menus up-gradation

Module 6: XML Publisher:

  • Introductory note to the XML publisher
  • Generation of the XML file with the help of report builder
  • Creation of template
  • Generating the RTF output
  • Registration of XML reports in APPS

Module 7: Discoverer of the administration edition:

  • Creation of the private end user later for newer database tutorial user
  • Connection to the Discoverer administrator with the help of load wizard and work area
  • Modification of the business area and working with customized folders
  • Creation of joins and customizing items
  • Designing any complex folder and working with the hierarchies

Module 8: Form development process:

  • Apps stand architecture
  • Template form architecture
  • FNDMENU architecture
  • Coding standards and name conventions
  • Form development process
  • WHO information tracking
  • Row-LOV
  • Form customization and queries find windows
  • Calendar and programming of non-form functions

Module 9: FlexFields:

  • Introductory note to the descriptive and key flex fields
  • DFF registration and KFF registration
  • Enable of DFF
  • Defining a KFF Flexfields structure
  • Invoking any DFF form of new form
  • Invoking KFF form of new form

Module 10: Report development:

  • Reporting some of the coding standards
  • User exists in the report design
  • Customization of reports with addition of parameters
  • Customization of reports with the help of logo addition

Module 11: Discoverer of user edition:

  • Creation of simple workbook
  • Designing some of the parameterized workbooks
  • Changing some heading items
  • Inserting new sheets in the workbook
  • Adding or removing items from Workbook
  • Creating some same sheets in workbook
  • Adding title to the worksheet
  • Inserting time, date, image and page numbers
  • Title or header of workbook
  • Application of conditional formatting

Working on the Oracle app training duration:

We know different people have different timings. Therefore, we are proud to provide our clients with flexible Oracle Apps Online Training. We know that people cannot afford to waste out their precious time. Therefore, we make it a point to provide our clients with three different classes, on the great fonts. From us, you will receive regular classes, which will take place three times a day; morning, daytime and evening sessions. The duration of this package is for 45 days.

We have another important weekend training class. It is likely to take place on weekends like Saturday and Sunday. It will also take place on holidays. The duration of this course is for 12 weeks. If you are looking for some fast track training program, then you will incorporate five more hours to the additional training program. This kind of fast track programs will take place for a duration of 18 days, and considered the fastest among the lot. As the fast track Oracle Apps Technical Online Training takes place in such a short time, it does not mean you will miss out any of the points.

More about our trainers:

From our Oracle Apps Training, you will receive trainers, with:

  • More than five years of working and teaching experience in all latest and old Oracle app technologies
  • They have been working on four real-time Oracle app projects and more, as some of their credentials
  • After availing courses from them, you can easily bag a job
  • Most of our trainers are associated with some of the top MNC companies on a global basis

From our certified Oracle app certified professionals, you will receive the best Oracle training, ever possible. All you need to do is just enroll your name in our Oracle Apps R12 Training, and we will contact you, as soon as we reach any approach from your side.