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Through us, at an organization, you will get to learn about Oracle Identity Manager from beginner level to the advanced techniques. We ensure to help our students gain everything possible about OIM and from veterans only. With the assistance of our OIM training, we would like to help our students in learning concepts, in expert level and with a practical manner. All of our topics will be covered with corresponding actual packages and in-depth concepts. Therefore, apart from availing theoretical parts, you can even enjoy some possible solutions from our side.

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Get to know more about OIM:

OIM is leading enterprise, in the field of identity management system. With the help of this platform, users will be able to manage user’s access privileges in an automatic manner and within the enterprise IT resources. OIM is defined as a reliable choice for various organizations, looking forward to a broad range of beneficial aspects. It comprises of a flexible architecture, which can handle even the most rigid of all IT business requirements.

Through our rigorous course, the professionals will get the chance to explore and even implement some of the broad capabilities of Oracle architecture. Through us, you will receive an interactive course, readily customized as per the requirements of learners. The basic outline is now associated with an instructor-led online session, available in countless numbers.

Highlights of our OIM Online Course:

  • We are here to introduce the “how-tos” of creating, loading and even managing the present OIM structure.
  • Moreover, this Oracle OIM Training covers up detailed information about the automated and manual provisioning workflow services.
  • Our team of leading experts will explain ways on how to configure, install and even launch some of the best 11gR2 OIM platforms.
  • Our courses will provide the aspiring students with an overview of the reporting techniques and tools in the present OIM.
  • Primarily focusing towards the topics of customized interface is another bright part to be availed from our sources
  • We would like to explain the ways in which you can troubleshoot the current OIM 11gR2 segment
  • Our courses will help in powering up the learner with some of the best industrial lead practices now

Core benefits of our online learning courses:

With the assistance of our OIM courses, business organizations will get to learn more about the latest Oracle platform. It is designed for the experts to manage the user access privileges, across some of the company’s significant resources. The IM is primarily based on the superior design, which helps in absorbing the requirements of a firm, along with the implement access privileges. The services are now available at minimum downtime and cost. Enjoy a robust system, which is popular with industry. This OIM is defined as an excellent learning investment platform.

Looking forward to Oracle OIM curriculum:

Module 1: Overview of the Identity Management conceptual and download setup:

  • Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware and standard middleware
  • Identity conceptual or identity management
  • Overview of the Fusion middleware component
  • Roe of identity manager in real time and other relevant types
  • Main purpose of identity manager
  • Overview of OIM, its role and characteristics
  • Downloading procedure with some required components
  • Checking out the version’s compatibility rate

Module 2: Components of OIM:

  • The talk about purpose of RUC
  • Dealing with the use of WebLogic and JDK or JRockit
  • Overview of SOA and IAM suites
  • Basic functions as related to Oracle database

Module 3: Architecture of the OIM:

  • Major concept of the middleware tier and presentation tier
  • Concept of data line and business service tier

Module 4: Installation and configuration of OIM:

  • Installing and configuration database
  • Downloading and installing of Java or JRockit
  • Installation packages of SOA Suite, WebLogic and IAM Suite
  • Purpose of the creating and domain technique
  • Domain configuration service with Wizard for OIM

Module 5: Administer OIM functionality:

  • Understanding the importance of system administration console
  • Basics of the reconciliation and provisioning service
  • Working knowledge of event management and schedulers
  • Overview of the reconciliation events

Module 6: Customized application as related to sandbox in Oracle:

  • Purpose and concept of sandbox
  • Role of sandbox in customization
  • Exploring the values of sandbox contents
  • Sandbox activation and de-activation
  • Guide to construct sandbox
  • Guide to publishing the sandbox

Module 7: Catalog recovering services in Oracle:

  • Purpose and concept of catalog
  • Function of cart system
  • Overview of the entitlement
  • Scheduler’s connections with cart and catalog
  • Catalog: adding tags and customized the searching

Module 8: Managing and developing Oracle application instance:

  • Concepts of application instance and benefits related to it
  • OIM 11G R1’s flow vs. App instance
  • Guides for creating an app instance
  • Concept related to disconnected app situation and with creation of technique
  • Connected form to any app situation with form designer

Module 9: Basics related to Oracle Identity self-service:

  • Request for a tracking mechanism
  • Pending the attestations check procedure
  • Role creating and OIM users’ technique
  • OIM organizations performing technique
  • Xellerate the user purpose

Module 10: Installing and Configuring OIM connectors:

  • Importance of types and connector
  • Installing targets system and connector
  • IT resource filling and validating lockups
  • Executing schedulers and checking out failed schedulers

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