Oracle OTM Online Training is a leading IT training institution, with the primary objective of offering training services for different IT company’s requirements. Our team is here to deliver corporate training as per the requirement of students, planning to colonize global eLearning solutions. We have a talented team of faculty for respective courses. The same goes for Oracle OTM Online Training solutions. Our team furnishes aspiring students with online training, providing an edge with various technologies.

Our team of experienced professionals is more into corporate training. Through our experience, we would like to help different professionals in grooming their teaching facilities and in the areas, concerning them. It helps them to learn more about the core topics and become a pro in this industrial sector. Workshops are likely to be conducted by industrial experts, working across globe. The primary aim is to share some valuable experience with real-time studies, techniques, technologies, tools, models and methodologies.

Who can take help of this course?

There is no experience required if you are willing to take help of our OTM courses from our side. They just need a basic knowledge of GUI or graphical user interface. You will receive a strong desire, to learn more about the OTM platform, after availing our services.

At the end of our course from Oracle Transportation Management Training , the classes will come handy with practical oriented service, with real-time scenarios. It helps you to gain valid knowledge on field experience. On the other hand, you can even face some future interviews in a perfect manner. You will receive a soft copy of this course material, well enriched with case studies and full content. The copies will be delivered to you by email.

Some essential requirements for the online training courses:

  • Before planning to avail our online courses, you will receive a team viewer, which needs to be installed on PC. It helps in dealing with desktop sharing, and will provide the users with an ID creation after the installation procedure gets over.
  • You might even have to create an account with voice chatting accounts like Skype, in a case; you want to deal with listening or voice chat.

Some of the key Training features available:

If you are looking for the best key training features, you are asked to get in touch with the points, as listed below. Some of the best options are:

  • Job oriented related real-time tracking
  • Exercise some of the real-time training
  • Personal care for each of our chosen trainee
  • Providing the students with training materials
  • Providing the students with online training, in the most comfortable timings
  • You can even avail our help for arranging corporate training, in case; the students are interested in the same technical field

Courses dealing with oracle transportation management:

Significant course outline:

  • Introductory note to OTM
  • Navigation and preference of OTM
  • Theme as related to OTM
  • Retrieving and adding OTM data, whenever the time comes

Build, scenario, settle and execute a proper shipment:

  • Avail notes on simple order and OTM status
  • Build shipment and appropriate notes on explanation
  • Shipment modification course, coming handy with manual
  • Shipment events and tendering procedures
  • Freight settlement and visibility services

Configuring OTM, build, settle and tender a multi-shop shipment:

  • Corporations and locations available
  • Information on contacts and calendar
  • Items and commodities
  • Service provider and equipment services
  • Contact notifications and lanes and itinerary
  • Automation agents
  • Financial rules for the relevant service providers
  • Rate record and rate manager
  • Rate query and rate offering with stop off charges
  • Order base and OTM status
  • Less than the present truck load rate
  • Bulk planning and managing
  • Shipment tendering and modification
  • Pay process, verify match and even voucher creation

Tendering and creating a multi-leg shipment services:

  • Commodities and items
  • Public location for help
  • Truck loading rates and equipment
  • Accessorial service and special services
  • Vessel rates and rail rates
  • Rate query with the itinerary service
  • Multi-leg itinerary package
  • Order release and audit data
  • Automatic data assignment services
  • Audit data and workspaces
  • Multi-leg shipment services

European VAT and the provisional packages:

  • Configuration of the European VAT
  • Working on the configuration of provisional VAT

Multi-leg shipment service with the help of consolidated appointment and pool:

  • Location resources, locations and regions
  • Multi shop itinerary services and the variable rates
  • Bulk planning and order releases
  • Managing dock schedule services with expert help

Pre-scheduled milk run services:

  • Setting up some important trips
  • Working with the same trips

Prospects as related to our courses:

Now, a simple question might really pop up in your mind. Why will people opt for our Oracle OTM Training package, and what are the prospects associated with it? Through our courses, you will be able to enjoy transportation management services, where the professionals can easily seek jobs for different types of roles, in both private and public sectors. The main aim is to work on the basic task of the management services, as related to transportation business. You will also get a fair idea of the distributional network areas. The primary aim of the transportation managers is to avail a relevant master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with proper training in this logistics and transportation management services.

There is a whole new range of lucrative, as well as good career options available, once you have planned to enroll your name for the OTM platform. Our training institution is an open platform and a perfect sharing environment, where you can start your career as the best lead in the institutional values. If you can go through our course well, it means, you will not find it difficult to get a job at governmental or private sectors.

How to be a part of our courses:

Long gone are those days, when you have to stand in a long queue, just outside the institution, to fill up the form and bag a seat under your name. With the help of our OTM Training in Hyderabad, you can always look for the online courses from our side. We have been offering various forms of online sessions to our students, with free study materials. So, fill up our form online and send it to the official website. We will contact you just after receiving a form from your side.