Python Online Training

Through our online Course, you will be able to learn more about this modern developing language. This tutorial is mainly designed for beginners, who are not aware of the modern language. The tutorial is primarily associated with the programming part, along with the development section of Python training. The primary aim of our course is to help you to learn about programs, using Python as the principal language. There is another video tutorial, which you will receive from our side.

Some basic topics covered:

Some of the essential items, which are covered by Python Scripting Training, are mainly for the ultimate Python users, especially beginners. These are data types and creating some variables, installation of Python, output and input services, decision repetition and making, list comprehension, iterators and more. Our courses are designed in such a manner, so that these will cover variable scopes, like modules used for creating pre-built ones, inheritance, object-oriented programming and exception handling. There are some other courses on data structures and their proper usage.

After this course is completed, there is a video based training program available for the beginners. You will be extremely comfortable with the appropriate use of Python and ways to apply for the program, for developing applications now. After going through our courses, you will be able to implement the learning to some real world examples. There are some working files available, which help you to use same source material.

Some of the basic requirements:

For the basic understanding, the aspiring students must possess the idea of web design along with some other fundamental programming skills as availed from Python Online Training. Through our course, you will receive more than 35 lectures along with Course Material. Additionally, you will receive real programming skills to be transformed into real life experience quickly. You will be able to build an appropriate framework or solid understanding, based on Python programming.

Python Training Modules

  1. Basic / Core Scripting Python
  2. Advanced Python
  3. Django – Web Application Development
  4. Pandas – Data Analysis & Visualization
  5. Numpy – Data Science and Data Analytics
  6. Flask – Framework Development
  7. Kivy – Mobile App Development.. and more.

Advantages of our courses:

There is a particular targeted audience, for whom, our courses are so important. These courses are available for programmers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs. If you are not satisfied with our course, you will receive your money back within 30 days limited time. You will enjoy lifetime accessibility. Therefore, if you need to get these courses at odd hours, you can avail that from our side.

The courses are designed in such a manner so that you can learn about it from your iOS platform or even from Android-based smartphones, tablets and more. After completion of our course, you will be rewarded for your hard work. You will receive a completion certificate from our side, which is a certificate of completion, portraying your excellence.

Curriculum for Python:

Section 1: Introduction:

  • Working files: Download the study materials to start your course
  • Topics, which the course covers

Section 2: Installation procedure of Python language:

  • Installation of Python language in Windows
  • Installation process of Python on MAC

Section 3: Writing more about the first program:

  • Enter the Python language and run it on a Windows platform
  • Entering and running any programming language on MAC
  • Exercise 1

Section 4: Basic data types of Python language and its variables:

  • Statements, expressions, and variables
  • Working with the numbers and strings
  • Working with the lists and Booleans
  • Working with the dictionaries
  • Working with individual Tuples
  • Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 for the best Python training service

Section 5: Python Input or Python Output:

  • Using the print function in Part 1 and Part 2
  • Availing input from some of the users
  • Exercise 1 based on the subjects taught over here

Section 6: Making decisions and some statements:

  • Working with the relational operators and logical operators
  • Pure form of “if” statement
  • “if-else” statement and “if-elif” statements
  • Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 for the courses learned in this section

Section 7: While loops:

  • Introductory note to while loops
  • Count controlled and event managed service while loops
  • Using continue and break
  • Working with the files, as in two parts; part 1 and part 2
  • Exercise 1 and 2, based on these services

Section 8: For loops:

  • Introduction to For Loops: Part 1 and Part 2
  • List of for loops
  • For loops associated with tuples and dictionaries
  • For loops with files
  • Exercise 1 and Exercise 2

Section 9: Iterators:

  • Understanding the real meaning of iterators
  • Using next and iter
  • Iterators and the dictionaries
  • Other forms of iterators
  • Exercise 1

Section 10: List of comprehensions:

  • Introduction of the list comprehensions
  • Proper use of list comprehensions with files
  • Exercise 1

Section 11: Functions:

  • Introductory note to functions and the reasons
  • Defining functions and calling functions
  • Functions associated with multiple arguments
  • Predicate functions
  • Exercise 1

Section 12: More on Functions:

  • Recursive functions: part 1 and part 2
  • Function objects and anonymous functions
  • Higher order related functions
  • Exercise 1 and 2

Section 13: Scope:

  • Global scope and local scope
  • Nested Scope
  • Exercise 1 in part 1 and part 2

Section 14: Modules:

  • Proficient use of built-in modules
  • User defined modules: part 1 and part 2
  • Module namespaces
  • Exercise 1

Section 15: object-oriented programming: part 1:

  • Types of abstract data
  • Designing fields, a class, and constructors
  • Designing a class with methods
  • Data structures meant for the fields
  • Exercise 1 and Exercise 2

Section 16: Object oriented programming: Part 2:

  • Creating derived class, in part 1 and part 2
  • Exercise 1 and Exercise 2

Courses on exception handling:

Apart from the points mentioned above on Python Course, there are special courses available for Exception handling. Here, the programmers and technicians will talk about exceptions demonstration with try-except statements. Moreover, you, being the aspiring students, will get to learn about the try-except-finally statements. There is a separate course only on the raise statement. After going through the course, look for the exercise 1, and prepare yourself for the big test.

24 x 7 assistance service:

Through Our Institute  you will be able to receive 24 x 7 assistance service. So, no matter whenever you feel like, you can give us a call. Fill up the online application form and enroll your name with our amazing Python classes.