QlikView Online Training

Data visualization is considered the fastest evolving area in the field of data science and analytics. As the importance of data is increasing with every second, therefore; people are inclining more towards QlikView Training, these days. Through our courses, you will get to learn more about an enormous amount of data usage, and deal with the communicate data based stores, to customers. Therefore, data visualization can be defined as one of the essential skills to learn from our  Company.

More about QlikView:

QlikView is primarily defined as one of the fastest and important evolving business intelligence of BI. It is also defined as data visualization tool. Through this valuable tool, you deploy quickly with some easy to learn and intuitive to use for customers. Therefore, if you want to improve the data visualization practices, then this QlikView can prove to be a perfect tool for you to use.

The primary aim of our company is to provide learning path to all people, who are new to QlikView. This way helps you to learn this tool is a structured approach. In case, you have already checked out the background, you are free to adapt to some of your own paths and make some changes, if required. Our team of experts is here to deal with various tools for performing data visualization.

Physical and Online Classes:

Through us, you will be able to receive the best QlikView Training with a host of Live Courses. Our Online Trainings are well-equipped with excellent infrastructure and lab facilities, in case; you are looking for some physical classes. On the other hand, for the working students or anyone who cannot afford to attend physical classes, we have unique online courses for them too. After going through our QlikView tool, you will be able to receive the best certificate, at the end of each course. It is just a matter of few weeks, until you get the certificate. It is a mark of your excellence and a proof, which shows, that you passed our course with excellence.

QlikView training course content and syllabus:

Dataware housing concepts:

Introductory note:

  • What do you mean by QlikView?
  • Why are people inclining towards QlikView?
  • Unique features compared to the field of traditional BI tools
  • Complete form of Dataware housing basics

Products of QlikView:

  • Server and desktop
  • Access point and publisher

Roles involved:

  • Designer and developer
  • Administrator and relevant services

Deployment procedure:

  • Server
  • Standalone service
  • Publisher form

Introductory note to the scripting and data service:

  • Dimensional data structures
  • Relational databases
  • QlikView related data structures
  • Comparison of the data models to the QlikView data model
  • Data source files
  • QWT primary data source
  • QWT secondary data files
  • Edit script explanation services.

Loading data from the database region:

  • Comments in the script
  • Script generation service
  • Script debugging service

Structure of the script:

  • Offering clients with help in creating tabs in the script area

Basic data modeling and table viewer:

  • System table and table viewer
  • Explanation of the document properties

Essential data transformation service:

  • Renaming any field
  • Load data from the multiple data sources
  • Script expressions
  • Loading any form of XML file
  • Renaming field with the help of qualify statement
  • Key fields
  • Loading some generic tables
  • Inclusion of media and image content
  • Loading any area into table multiple times
  • Proper use of record counters on critical fields
  • Loading some cross tables and info tables
  • Handle null values
  • Changing some date formats
  • Changing the metadata
  • Complete from of discussion about the concatenation
  • Resolving any form of synthetic keys
  • Determining various loops
  • Preparation of the QVD files
  • Performance of the incremental loads
  • Optimization techniques a the script level

Training duration of the Qlikview Course:

We are proud to present our clients with the best QlikView Training package, as available at different timings. Our classes are for the masses, and we believe in expanding QlikView knowledge. If you are looking for the best training session, it is important to get in touch with experts first. Our years of experience prove us the best teaching faculty. For the starters, we have limited regular classes, available three times in a day. It started with three timings, and those are day time, morning and evening sessions. These classes will take place at 3 weeks’ time.

There are some other weekend training classes available, on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays. As here the classes are not held on regular basis, therefore; the time is a little bit more than regular classes. Here, the courses are allotted for 4 weeks, and form the best option for the working class. They can quickly work the entire week, and enroll their name for our weekend classes. Additionally, you will also receive fast track training program, if you want to learn everything within a short span of time. Here, the classes are over within a short span of 1 week and each class is associated with an extra hour.

More about the QlikView trainers:

  • Each of our trainers comprise of 8 years of experience in the field of QlikView technologies
  • Our trainers have already worked on real time projects
  • We ensure to dedicate entire hard work for a single project
  • After going through our QlikView Online Training, you will be able to bag a job in any MNC
  • Our experts are working in some of the top MNCs of the world, therefore; they are ready to share their real like experience with the clients
  • We have already trained 122 more students for so many years now
  • Strong practical and theoretical knowledge
  • Qlikview certified professional

Working on the seats:

It is always important to check out on the seats, which we have in store for you, and you have to enroll for our QlikView Course accordingly. We would like to advise you to book for our seats beforehand, as these seats are being sold like hot cakes! Just fill up the application form and we will ensure that our experts give you a call, once they receive the application from your side. It is never too late to start journey with us!