QTP UFT Online Training

Quick Test Professional or QTP has become one of the hottest topics of discussion in the software industry today. If you want to acquire a competitive place in the market with a booming career, learning skills in QTP is certainly the ideal option for you. Therefore, if you are looking forward to learning QTP Training. We are one of the best and highly recognized training institute, and we offer high-quality training with complete flexibility to the students. Therefore, you can always enroll in our institute to learn the latest technology.

The training will cover the concepts of QTP in detail, and you will learn them with adequate illustrations for the same. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, this training is ideally suitable for you. Right from QTP basics, you will learn about the advance scripting with practical examples. As a result, things will turn out to be easy and efficient for you, as a whole.

Getting An Idea Of QTP:

Before getting the best QTP Training, it is crucial for you to get a sense of the automation tool. Well, HPs Quick Test Professional helps in facilitating the automation testing for different software applications. These include both functional testing and regression testing. QTP is available with a user interface, which is a part of its Integrated Development Environment. Moreover, it comes with wide varieties of features to help a tester in developing a comprehensive script. Such a script would play a great role in validating the overall purpose of the test. As you proceed through the QTP Course, these things will be discussed in detail step by step. Consequently, you will get the opportunity to learn lots of things about it. 

The Key Highlights:

The QTP Training will aim to focus on some of the highlighting features covering the important aspects of QTP. These are:

  • It uses VB script as its primary scripting language.
  • It runs in a window environment
  • The latest version of QTP is always emphasized even regarding training and professionalism
  • It supports different technologies.

Therefore, it is evident that when you have certification from the Best QTP Training, you will not have to bother about anything else. In fact, there will be no looking back because it will provide an excellent scope for your career.

What Are Covered In The Course?

Our QTP Online Training includes scores of areas so that it is easy for you to get hands on the entire matter. Some of the common things that are covered in the course include:

  • Introduction to QTP
  • Basics of VB Scripting
  • QTP checkpoints
  • Different test automation frameworks
  • Enhancing the tests and others.

We are sure that these things covered will help you get a solid understanding of the subject matter so that you can use it in the professional field.

Benefits Of The Course:

On obtaining the complete course with Advanced QTP Training you can expect to get loads of benefits.

  • You will have different avenues of opportunities opened right in front of you
  • QTP support scores of technologies, which means that you can work on various technologies like Java, The Web, .net, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, PowerBuilder, SOAP and others.
  • You will even learn on functional test automation thereby incorporating the basics of automation testing
  • The familiarization in QTP program will enable you to plan, create and execute the test scripts accurately and smoothly.
  • You will even acquire ideas on different types of test automation frameworks
  • On completing the training, you can automate both the functional and regression testing independently using QTP.
  • You will get the opportunity to know scores of other candidates with different skills and experience levels acquiring QTP Training. Hence, knowledge sharing will be easy and efficient.

Obtaining Various Facilities:

When you receive training at our QTP Training, you can look forward to receiving various facilities and services. Some of this include:

  • The most updated course of QTP comprising of the basic and the advanced levels of programs
  • Get trained by experienced faculty members.
  • Get both online and offline training facilities
  • Get access to updated study materials and video tutorials from time to time
  • Schedule your classes on the weekdays or weekends, as per your convenience.
  • Get lifetime free access to our institution
  • 24/7 access and support
  • The course duration is short, which means you can acquire the training while simultaneously working for any company.
  • Complete preparation and guidelines for certification exam
  • Resolving your doubts and queries ultimately
  • Arrangement for the certification exam and the certificate of passing the exam
  • Getting started with the regular sessions even if the percentage of enrollment is low

Therefore, by now, you must have got an idea of the fact that QTP is the software that aids in the testing of software applications. By obtaining QTP Live Project Training, you can indeed make ways for an excellent career. There is no denying that the jobs for the QTP trained professionals are on the rise. Therefore, on the completion of your training and certification, you will not have any difficulty in acquiring a job. You will also earn a handsome package, which will make way for a successful life.

Therefore, make no more delays. It is time to get in touch with the best QTP Training so that you can learn the complete concept of the tool along with acquiring hands-on training experience. Nothing can be better and more satisfactory than this. We are easily accessible, and you can get in touch with us anytime you want. We will give you complete details on our training so that you can make your next move in obtaining the QTP and Selenium Training.