SAP GRC Online Training

The primary aim of SAP GRC 10 training is to provide the clients with stronger foundation knowledge for the SAP risk, governance and compliance 10.0. After gaining familiarity with the harmonized navigation of the solution, you will come to know more about the standard functions along with shared master data. You will receive aligned form of reporting framework, through our experts, who have been working in this section for more than a decade now. You will receive an integrated form of applications in the present SAP GRC virtues, too.

Offered SAP GRC Courses

  • SAP GRC Access Control
  • SAP GRC Process Control

Goals of our training package:

There are some impeccable goals available, which make us completely different from the rest. If you go through the package, you will know that there are different companies, offering the same GRC SAP package to the clients. So, if you are willing to know more about the best goals, opt for our packages first. Some of the important goals are mentioned down below:

  • Introductory note to the SAP governance, risk and the compliance 10.0
  • Identifying the key governance, along with compliance and risk processes, as supported in GRC 10.0 solution
  • Describing the key features along with business benefits of integrated solution
  • Identifying the applications, which help in integrating with the GRC 10.0 solution
  • Describing the location and purpose of the key user interface components
  • Discussing the harmonized navigation along with the Authorization effect on what users see
  • Description on some of the common functions, along with the relative master data, which are shared together in GRC solution
  • Describing the IMG organization for the GRC 10.0
  • Description of the general implementation procedure and with key steps
  • Configuring structure, report presentation and content

Some of our audience:

Our courses are meant for implementation consultants and some other IT governance experts. If you are key business users with technical knowledge, then our GRC 10.0 project and courses are for you. There are some special courses for IT governance experts and consultants, associated with GRC IT Auditors and SAP security. We have a separate program for business project TLs.

Some of the prerequisites:

Before you plan to join our SAP GRC 10.0 course, it is important to have knowledge of integrated processes, as related to SAP system. Moreover, the aspiring students must have knowledge of Authorized concepts in SAP system. You should have a practical knowledge of business processes along with other practical knowledge of software implementations.

We have separate courses, depending on the software release. Some of the best examples are SAP Process Control 10.0, SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) 10.0, SP4, SAP Access Control 10.0, SAP Risk Management 10.0, SAP Netweaver 7.02 and SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.05.


Before you start working on our SAP GRC 10 Training, better check out the content or curriculum, which we possess. The courses are divided into various categories and sub-categories for the betterment of students and to provide exactly what they are looking for. The courses are mentioned below, in details:

Introductory note to the SAP Governance, Risk, and compliance (GRC) 10.0:

  • Introduction of the solution
  • Overview of the solution
  • GRC convergence
  • Key benefits and features
  • Integration solutions

Information security, architecture and authorizations:

  • Security and authorization
  • Information architecture

User interface of GRC 10.0:

  • Harmonized navigational services
  • Work centers

Common data and functions:

  • Shared form of master data
  • Framework of the user interface configuration

Configuration and implementation:

  • Streamlined form of configuration

Reporting package:

  • Configuring reports without the need of programming

Content of the GRC Access Control  Training :

There is a separate course module, which is used for GRC access control 10.0. As we have different types of students with different needs, therefore; we ensure to provide a completely different GRC access control 10.0 topics. Some of the significant options are listed below:

Introductory note to SAP Access Control:

  • Using the access control
  • Discussing some of the business challenges and basic solutions

Security architecture and authorizations:

  • Description of the object level security
  • Description of the system architecture
  • Description of the authorization concepts

Authorization risks along with the SoD risk management procedure:

  • Identification of the authorized risk factor
  • Managing rules by segregating some duties

Shared form of configuration settings:

  • Configuring shared settings of the SAP GRC
  • Configuring the shared access control setting

SAP Accessibility of the control repository:

  • Synchronized objects into the field of repository
  • Viewing and scheduling of the background jobs

BRF or business rule framework:

  • Creation of rules in the present business rule framework
  • Defining the importance of business rules

Workflow of the MSMP:

  • Description of the multi stage workflow along with multi path facility
  • Maintenance of the MSMP workflow
  • SAP Governance, Risk, and compliance (GRC) 10.0

Management and analyzing risk factors:

  • Maintaining the shared form of master data
  • Maintaining and configuring the rule set
  • Configuring and using audit trail tracking
  • Using the important forms of risk analysis framework
  • Mitigating risks and remediating risks
  • Mass mitigation services

Emergency form of access management:

  • Management of the emergency access
  • Planning for the emergency accessibility, like controllers, owners and firefighters
  • Planning for some emergency access on reason codes
  • Monitoring some of the emergency accessibilities

Management and designing roles:

  • Configuring role methodology and management
  • Planning for the technical role definition
  • Planning for business role definition
  • Consolidating roles for the role mining
  • Mass management roles

Managing users and provisions:

  • Planning for the user accessibility
  • Designing some of the end user personalization forms
  • Defining some of the user provisioning
  • Requesting for the user access approval

Periodic access review procedure:

  • Planning periodic review
  • Review of monitoring review

Customized and reporting fields:

Apart from the points mentioned above, we have special type of SAP GRC Training, meant for the report and customized fields. Some of those are changing the existing reports, working with the chosen reporting framework and adding some customized fields for quicker roles and access requests.

Whether you are planning to take our help for the standard course or trying your hand for the advanced course, you will get all these services from our GRC Online Training. Just fill up the online forms, and you will receive the best online training sources from our side.