SAP GTS Online Training

An online course, impeccably designed to make you a leader in SAP, SAP GTS Training is becoming the major choice for the aspirants over here. Through this course, you will come to know more about analysis structure and eliminate any form of risk, as associated with super user authorization and user creation. With flexible duration and 30 hours of total training sessions, we are providing our clients with online courses in SAP GTS.

Dealing with the Supply Chain:

These services are used to manage larger numbers of partners for extending your business relationship. You can even process a higher volume of documents, which will allow the users to respond to any of the global business opportunities. Through our courses, you will comply with the latest legal regulations and ensure to work accordingly. This technology helps in eliminating manual procedures around denied party screening. Moreover, the fees will be filed automatically to increase productivity rate. It even helps in improving the export and import business approach and integrates the result through Supply Chain.

Training of the overview:

Our team is defined as one of the leading SAP GTS Online Training centers, providing the needful with GTS training. The best emphasis is based on the better quality training. The course from our side covers some promising and in-depth knowledge of establishing communication in the R/3 server, customers, compliance and risk management services. Additionally, you will also receive some hands-on training services, which can currently lead to implement the GTS plan effectively. The projects are implemented in live sessions, by none other than renowned IT professionals.

Looking at the course module:

The SAP GTS training course is segmented into different divisions and sub-divisions. Some of those points are listed below:

Introductory note to the SAP GTS:

  • With the help of our SAP Global Trade Services and Management Course, you will receive an overview of the SAP GTS training
  • Avail important notes on compliance management and SAP GTS modules
  • Receive valid information on custom management and risk management
  • Learning more about the SAP GTS market and the global trade trends
  • Recent some valid reasons on ways to implement GTS with the help of R/3 back end package

Setting up the communication with the help of R3 server:

  • This module forms another integral part of our service and talks about GTS organizational structure.
  • You will also come to know more about the legal regulations, followed by deadline types, used in SAP GTS structure
  • Get acquainted with some packages, talking about country groups and activation of the legal regulations
  • You will get to know more about determination procedures, used for some legal regulations

Other additional practical courses:

Before you even plan to register your name with any of these SAP Global Trade Services, you should know whether the company is offering you with any additional modules or not. With the help of our expert team, you will receive some important modules on SAP GTS training sessions. Some of our additional modules or courses are mentioned below:

Compliance management services course:

  • This course starts its subject with customs document type
  • It is followed by partner functions, customs item category and partner function groups
  • You will receive a separate subject on embargo check and sanction party list screening
  • Get acquainted with some additional information on license documentation procedure flow
  • Know more about configuration of license determination followed by license determination strategy
  • Know more about the ways to monitor license determination for some customized documents

Focusing points towards customs management:

  • Start your sessions with ideas on product classifications and numbering schemes
  • You can even gain vital information on commodity or tariff code maintenance
  • There are other subjects on classification of products and custom processing
  • Avail special courses on post processing framework
  • The overview section is divided into customized processing service on electronic declaration
  • Other overview courses are on message determination and transition of procedure service

Course on risk management:

  • Overview of the present preference processing service, along with rules of origin
  • Preference processing of the GTS rules along with the preference processing service available
  • Overview of the chosen restitution processing package
  • Another significant subject on restitution of the processing package in GTS
  • Special SAP GTS Training in configuration of restitution processing
  • Business procedure as allotted in the restitution processing platform

Some special course highlights:

There are some important highlights available, which make our courses better than any of our competitors. From us, you will receive live instructor along with his interactive sessions, working on online courses. Each of our courses has separate live instructors, providing interactive sessions through videos for online aspirants. Through these live sessions, learners can always interact with the instructor through calls and video chatting. They will even share the same screen, in a case; the student needs to ask anything important immediately.

Quizzes and assessments with practical approach:

We believe that only enrolling for the SAP SD GTS Training will not help unless you can highlight your output. This output is mainly the topics you have learned so far and how well you have performed in this section. It is a test to check your merit level. Therefore, our team will provide you with assessments and quizzes on either regular interval or at a frequent note, to judge how much you have grasped through our courses. These sessions will help you to know where you stand, and check on the subjects, where you need some improvements.

We present to our aspiring students with a perfect blend of the practical approach, through some of our practical courses. Our courses are divided into two sections; theoretical and practical. Our team offers each student with 80% of practical service and 20% of theoretical service. It means, they will get to learn more about SAP GTS in details, and will never miss out on any point. As we believe in practical approach more, therefore; it will not be difficult for you to join any company, immediately after completion of our course.

Enroll your name for our SAP GTS Online Training, immediately and you will never regret this decision. We offer you with top quality study materials to go with the courses.