SAP HANA Online Training

Stay ahead in this competitive market by learning more about the demanding technology of SAP HANA. Join SAP HANA Online Training, and be an early player in this section. Are you planning to learn everything about making a career in this article? In case, the answer is yes, wait no further and join our hands. We would guide you through the entire SAP HANA  procedure, and help you to bag a job with higher salary packages.

Duration of the course:

The course duration is estimated to about 8 hours. We had some specified time and noted that for particular topics. Before you proceed further with the course, note down some important points:

  • It is strongly recommended to follow the sequence of our course and avoid moving randomly through the chapters.
  • You need to complete the mentioned exercises, to be in touch with the course. Each exercising material is available after a unit. Activities are known to be crucial, in a case; you plan to learn and make the most of the learning stick.
  • You are cordially invited to join our reputed and impeccable, in the case; you are facing any trouble with our courses, or want to gain some extra information on our topics.
  • The course is entirely based on the present version of SAP HANA.

What do you mean by SAP HANA?

Before proceeding further with the SAP HANA Training, you need to be aware of the real meaning behind SAP HANA. It is considered to be a real tie and game-changing platform, used for applications and analytics. It helps in simplifying the current IT stack and offers powerful features. Some of the essential features are the ability to handle big data, significant processing speed, text mining capabilities and predictive capabilities.

SAP HANA  helps in providing users with the platform to build newer forms of solutions. These are somewhat defined as the sturdy foundation for delivering some groundbreaking innovations without any further disruptions. The current real-time platform helps in combining higher transaction volume.

SAP HANA Course information:

The high-performance analytic appliance of SAP from Best Training Institute for SAP HANA is defined as in-memory computing, which combines well with the revolutionary platform. It helps in performing some real time analytics and develops some live applications. Our courses are a perfect combination of networking hardware, pre-tuned server and storage values.

Through the in-memory database of HANA, you will be able to store data and even analyze larger transactional data volumes in real time. The entire procedure takes place in embedded web server and comes handy with a control repository for app development. Some of the real-time uses and cases of SAP HANA  comprises of:

  • Security and fraud detection
  • Telecom networking optimization and monitoring services
  • Supply chain and retail optimization
  • Profitability reports and forecast
  • Energy usage optimization and monitoring

SAP HANA Training Course Overview:

Once you have joined hands with the best SAP HANA Online Training, you will come across plenty of classes, based on the same topic. Once you have joined our classes, you will receive different packages on the best SAP HANA  sources. It is important to get along with our best courses, which are categorized, under different standard modules. Those modules and their various sub-categories are mentioned below:

SAP HANA Architecture and introduction:

  • Overview of SAP in-memory computing
  • Overview of SAP HANA
  • Features of SAP HANA
  • Feel and look of SAP HANA
  • Architecture and landscape of SAP HANA
  • Structure of the in-memory computing studio of SAP HANA
  • Column store and row store architecture
  • MVCC or multi-version currency control
  • Backup and recovery
  • Persistence layer as related to in-memory computing engine
  • Distributed system and high-availability
  • Reporting options as related to SAP HANA
  • Data provisioning options in SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA appliance model
  • Security options in HANA
  • Sizing considerations and ways in which SAP HANA app is delivered
  • Licensing options and SAP HANA project implementation
  • Primary activities of SAP HANA and its key roles
  • Administration and main points to consider

Basic Modeling:

  • Terminology and overview of modeling
  • Studio features of SAP HANA
  • Summary of the information modeler
  • Configuration and installation of HANA Studio
  • Modeling considerations and prerequisites for modeling
  • Modeling levels
  • Analytic views and attribute views
  • Modeling considerations
  • Constraint filters vs. where class
  • Various types of joins and when to use it
  • Studio preview of HANA, with caution
  • Demo and impact of Query execution
  • Modeling suggestions and troubleshooting similar issues
  • Relevant models and export options

Reporting HANA with BI 4.0:

  • Reporting to clients and HANA open interfaces
  • Hana reporting layers with connectivity options
  • IMBD client installation and prerequisites for reporting on SAP HANA
  • Setting new connections
  • Overview and tool comparison of SAP Business Objects BI 4.0
  • Analytic and relational reporting on HANA
  • Reporting on HANA demo
  • Native Excel interfaces through ODBO
  • SAP business object explorer and business object analysis
  • Semantic layer approach and SAP business object explorer
  • SAP BOBJ Web I and Xcelsius
  • Universe Designer vs. IDT
  • Enterprise vs. 2011 and SAP Crystal Reports
  • Front end tool dealing with top HANA considerations
  • Troubleshooting report common issues

Know more about advanced Data Modelling with SQL script:

Apart from the points already mentioned above, our SAP HANA is associated with other forms of advanced data modeling solutions, too. These are primarily associated with the best SQL script. Starting from the modeling overview to the calculation view, there are various types and outlines available through our faculty. Additionally, there is a separate SQL script available, dealing with motivation, overview, processing and data type extension services.

Moreover, this part of the SAP HANA Admin Training helps in talking about the SQL script processing and data type extensions. Moreover, you can even try to opt for a basic scalar data type, functional extension, table type and concept. If you are looking for implementing functional logic and operators, there are loads of options available through our courses. Just give us a call. We would like to help you with the premium SAP HANA  related courses.