SAP HR Online Training

Also defined as SAP  HR, SAP  human capital management comprises of various sub-modules. Some examples are organization management, personnel administration, Payroll, and time. Each one of this course is mentioned in details, and only be experts over here. Now, if you want to get along with the core of our subjects from Our Institute, then you can always stay familiar with SAP  GUI. On the other hand, for the absolute beginner, you can always take help of the basic SAP  course first.

Working on the beginner’s account:

SAP  commands provide you with unparalleled premium in IT and ERP market. SAP  comprises a largest market share of ERP systems. In case, you are a newbie, it is always recommended to opt for the basic tutorials, which are available under SAP, before jumping for the SAP  HCM Training. Through this course, you will come to know more about the introduction SAP  platform and reasons for its requirements.

Additionally, you will know more about SAP  business suite and deal with the SAP  modules of all time. Get to know more about mySAP and look for the values of NetWeaver. Additionally, from us, you will receive SAP  GUI video, along with navigating SAP  as another important point of focus.

Availing help of SAP HR Trainers:

With the assistance of our SAP  HR trainers, you will receive support from the experienced veterans only. You will receive practical help from experienced instructors, whose primary aim is to assist our customers in the most proficient manner. Our courses have been designed, depending on the requirement of our students, and what exactly they are looking for. We know that different students have a flexible mindset. Therefore, we can customize our subjects too, to match the different needs of students.

Learning from the basics:

Through our SAP  HR training programs, students will start learning about HR module introductory note, along with organizational structure. Moreover, you will come to know more about enterprise structure and corporate management, as some of the other points to include. Additionally, you will enjoy recruitment and time management, as part of our courses. Personnel administration, payroll, personnel development, event, and training management, will add more value to our courses. Enjoy some practical and real time projects from our SAP  HR Training now. You will also receive some SAP  HR / HCM  Materials , with the help of this HR training values.

Amazing training course module:

With the assistance of our expert veterans, you will come to know more about SAP  HR training, and some of the additional features, associated with it. Go through the points listed below, are understand the importance of this training values.

Introduction note under Module 1:

  • Know more about SAP
  • Overview of this section in SAP
  • Various versions and architecture associated with SAP
  • SAP modules and their significant benefits

Module 2 or structures:

  • In this segment, the first option is related to enterprise structure
  • Organizational and personnel structure
  • Packed decimal services
  • Working on the pay scale structure

Module 3 deals with corporate management:

  • Staffing and organization services
  • Matrix and general structure
  • Export mode and simple maintenance
  • Organizational plan
  • Object explanations and types

Know more about recruitment procedure from Module 4:

  • Maintain the advertisements services
  • Maintain the structures of applicant
  • Maintain the present applicant data
  • Selection procedure of the recruitment process
  • Personnel actions in the same recruitment structure
  • Ways to reject or hire a person

Module 5 or personnel administration:

  • Maintaining the value of master data
  • Maintaining the services of info types
  • Working on the orientation of configurations and features
  • Creation of the info groups
  • Configuration of the present personnel actions
  • Maintaining the menus of info type
  • Defaulting the services of user parameters
  • Overview of the present dynamic actions
  • Maintaining the number ranges for the personnel actions
  • Integration services of the personnel administration, with help from organizational management
  • Overview of different scenarios on some of the different countries
  • Exercises on personal displays, hiring and even maintenance features

Module 6 deals with time management:

  • Allotting working timings to the employee
  • Work and break schedule
  • Explanation about the time data administration and recording
  • Time management with the help of info types

Payroll services for your needs as module 7:

  • Get associated with the overview of payroll components
  • Explanation about the SAP R/3 payroll basics
  • Valuation methods and wage types
  • Payroll driver and run
  • Configuration of some schemes

Module 8 or the personal development services:

  • Overview of this segment under personnel development
  • Profile match up with the chosen applicant
  • Qualification services of personnel development
  • Success plans and career of the employee

Training and event management as Module 9:

  • Overview of the training and event management
  • Preparation of business event
  • Business event catalog services
  • Day to day activities as related to T &E
  • Recurring activities, as related to event and training management

Module 10 or the ASAP  methodology:

  • Proper explanation of the ASAP methodology
  • Providing some relevant business scenarios
  • Explanation about the integrations between various applications

Duration of the classes:

There are different terms, which you are likely to come across while working on our SAP HR/HCM Online Training services. We have various types of classes, and some of those are regular classes, weekend training classes, and fast track training programs. The regular classes will take place three times, a day; morning, day and evening. The duration will be for 40 days. On the other hand, you will receive weekend training classes, to be held on Sunday, Saturday, and holidays. Lastly, if you ways to complete the entire course within 15 days and with 5 hours extra on each session, opt for the fast track training program.

More about our SAP HR/HCM :

Each one of our trainers in SAP HCM Training has more than five years of experience in this industry. All of them have worked on minimum 12 projects on a real-time basis. Students, after taking help of our course, have now been working for various MNC companies on the global font. Avail stronger practical and theoretical knowledge from our side. So, wait no further and get in touch with us, by just filling up the online application form.