SAP MM Online Training

SAP MM  skills are considered as the primary foundation for successful SAP operations. After going through the best courses from our services, at Our Institute, you will be able to understand the importance of IT skill. You can easily be acquainted with the job role of an MM consultant, who can work as a system administrator for different types of SAP servers. Starting from installing various types of SAP products in the customer data center to upgrading to the latest systems, you will get to learn about everything through our SAP MM Online Training platform.

Additionally, we would also help you to find out more about taking a backup, space management for crucial tasks, and archiving of data, as some of the additional points, to be noted from Best SAP MM Training. MM consultant is also held responsible for roles and authorizations, user management, locking and unlocking of servers and monitoring of the server usage. After availing the experience, he is here to play the important role of landscape designing, hardware selection, and DRS.

Recommended profile for our courses here:

Before you plan to be a part of SAP MM Training, you have to check out the recommended profile before joining our classes:

  • Experience in the field of DBA or networking
  • Graduation: M. Tech, B. Tech, MBA IT, MSC IT, MCA or PGDBM
  • Proficient communication skills
  • Understanding the importance of UNIX, Windows or Linux operating systems

Know more about SAP MM:

SAP MM  is defined as a set of tools and programs, which act as an interface with Operating system, Database and communication protocols, as procured from SAP MM Training. You will come across some noted information as availed from the courses, based on SAP modules. Some primary examples are HCM, FI, and SD. This course helps in introducing various essential features of MM. This course is primarily designed for beginners with no or little MM experience. However, basic knowledge of SAP Basics can work as a plus point. You are asked to refer to our tutorials one after other, to increase the efficiency of learning.

SAP MM Course:

Our SAP MM comprises of various course content. To know more about the syllabus, go through the points listed below:


  • Overview of SAP practice
  • SAP capabilities, which are addressing to JSE
  • Overview of the course
  • MM, as related to SAP system

SAP MM  technical overview – Part 1:

  • Overview of the present SAP release strategy
  • Definition of the SAP net weaver
  • Overview architecture of the available SAP web application server
  • Architecture of the SAP business framework
  • Communication interfaces available with Client server principles, the SAP system
  • Introductory note to SAP MM layer with system Kernel
  • SAP application services
  • Client server scalability of the present SAP system
  • Installation of the SAP system

Overview of the SAP MM  technology – Part II:

  • System starts: Logs and process from SAP MM.
  • How and why of system shutdown
  • Stopping and starting with other forms of operating systems
  • Lock management in the SAP systems
  • SAP transactions
  • SAP buffers and work process

Overview of the SAP technology – Part III:

  • System start: Logs and process
  • How and why of system shutdown
  • Stopping and starting of operating systems
  • Work process and SAP transactions
  • Lock management in the present SAP systems
  • SAP buffers

Overview of the SAP technology – Part IV:

  • Fundamentals of background processing
  • Background processing from best SAP MM training
  • Event-based and time-based scheduling of jobs
  • Extent the present standard of job scheduling
  • Lock and update processing
  • Print and spool services

Installation exercises:

  • Client concept and overview of the SAP system landscape
  • Client copies and related transport tools
  • Client and system change options
  • Client administration and client creation
  • Exercises
  • Client deletion, different options of client copy

Printer setup:

  • Concept of the logical spool servers
  • Configuring printers
  • Management of spool requests
  • Exercise to brush up your studies

Overview and the MM workbench:

Apart from the courses, which you will receive from our SAP MM Training , there are some other additional points, which we have in store for you. It started with the introductory note to ABAP/4 tools and workbench. On the other hand, you will also receive introduction of the present ABAP objects. SAP security plays an integral part of our courses. Without it, you will not find it easy to go through the SAP MM  administrative work.

The SAP security service starts with the overview program, from our trained experts. After that, we are going to talk about the concept of clients and ways, in which SAP works. You can even try your hand at the profiles and roles subject, or can enroll your name for maintenance and user creation. A separate project is assigned under the name, “assigning roles along with responsibilities to users.”

Some of our courses from best SAP MM  Training are designed as roles and profile administrations, CUA setup, various types of users and overview on Virsa or SOD. You can even manage the central users and distribute the same to some other clients. At the end of our course, we have individual exercise and case studies on SAP security.

Know more about TMS:

Want to know more about TMS ? If so, then you have divided this subject into various categories for better understanding. Some of the important points are listed below:

  • Transport process
  • Change management
  • Import using TMS
  • Transport control program
  • Transport directory files and structure
  • Import process
  • Troubleshooting transports

At the end of our course, you will receive special programs and exercise routines. These methods are used to enhance your learning experience and help you to know where you stand. Following these practices is must, in the case; you want to gain the role of an SAP MM  administrator. The services are hard to avoid.

Join for the courses immediately:

As the SAP MM  courses are being sold like hot cakes, therefore; it is your duty to enroll your names in SAP MM Module Training, on an actual note. The fee structure of these courses will vary, depending on your chosen package. However, it is important to incorporate your name with the online sources, as soon as possible for free study materials and start video sessions.