SAP REFX Online Training

SAP Real Estate Management Program is well knitted with logistics and financial functions of SAP ERP software. It helps in offering clients with seamless integration, between current accounting and leasing transactions. It offers integration with current maintenance, controlling and reporting functions. Most of our classes are instructor led and takes 15 days of your time frame for total completion. Being a part of SAP REFX Training, through us, will solve all your queries in no time.

Audience for the SAP REFX Training:

All the aspiring participants, interested in the overview of SAP ERP real estate, are cordially invited to be a part of SAP REFX training. Moreover, some solution consultants are held responsible for implementing SAP real estate.

Prerequisites for SAP REFX Online Training:

  • Any Graduation

Important goals to follow:

Participants are becoming familiar with present day real estate processes in SAP. They receive an overview of the chosen SAP solutions, as associated with mapping real estate processes. Moreover, they get to learn more and use basic real estate transactions. Here, participants will get the golden opportunity to learn detailed configuration settings for selected procedures with SAP flexible real estate management. They will become more familiar with positive practices on ways to use RE-FX for matching business requirements. Avail SAP REFX (Flexible Real Estate Management) Online Training now and you will receive expert advice on every step you take.

Purpose of our courses:

Component helps in fulfilling requirements of real estate managerial projects by offering a comprehensive view of business transactions.

Real estate management: Usage view and architectural view of master data help in easily creating and managing various types of real estate objects. Some important options are land, business entity, rental unit, building, rental room and rental space.

Contract management: The same contract management helps you to manage various contracts, as related to real portfolios of real estate companies. Some examples are mentioned below now:

  • Contracts of present lease out category, like commercial, residential and internal
  • Real estate contracts of lease in section; residential, commercial and internal
  • Generic vendor contracts like maintaining contract with service provider
  • Generic customer contracts like service contracts with tenant
  • G/L account contracts as like posting reserves for servicing charges
  • Security deposit agreements

You can easily assign any rental objects from various business entities, company codes or buildings to any single contract. While defining conditions and other forms of contract terms, you can easily group assigned objects into object groups.

Space management: Room and space management clearly take notes of unusual architectural structures, technical features and amenities and usage considerations. Through our important classes, you will be able to define spaces within a flexible rate and rent them from available space. Additionally, you will come across data exchange, also with external graphic, which allows you to represent real estate projects visually.

Control of business procedures, relevant to real estate: Important management of rest estate points are integrated into a special component:

  • Asset management reports and postings
  • Real estate controlling, with intercompany activity assignment, cost planning, cost settlement and profit center accounting
  • Purchase commitment management and order processing for maintenance and operation of real estate
  • Controlling and planning new building developments, modernization projects, and maintenance

Lease-in: The credit side view of the lease in the process helps you to control present cash flows to the landlord and additionally, posting of expenses.

Online training course overview:

Listed below, are some of the important topics, which are placed under SAP REFX or SAP REFE Training in Hyderabad now:

  • General ledger accounting and system navigation
  • Accounts receivable and payable business processes
  • Banking associated account business procedure
  • Asset accounting business process
  • Financial statement created business procedures
  • Portfolio management, project management, financial integration and lease administration
  • Graphical integration or document management
  • Move, space and facility management
  • Business partner master data and real estate master data
  • Contract management; like real estate contract, search, condition purpose, conditions and calculation methods
  • Real estate financial like input tax distribution, account determination, flow type, options rate determination and invoice creation
  • Adjusting conditions, complex service settlement methods
  • Reporting used corporate scenarios
  • Integration – Enterprise asset management integration, CO integration, funds management integration and PS CD integration
  • Tools – BDT, correspondence, BAdl, data transfer, ESA usage, workflow integration, migration programs, document management and Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Country specifics withholding tax

Our training institution comprises of Instructor Guide, who will indicate the important appendices and slides used for the chosen content.

More on SAP Real Estate Management:

The chosen SAP RE FX Training talks about SAP real estate management. It is closely associated with logistic and financial functions of SAP ERP. Sometimes, we offer live virtual classroom, after you have gone through our video module. These courses are mainly dedicated to consultants and project team members.

Recommended platforms are listed below:

  • Cost controlling and management
  • Customizing GL and Accounts receivables and payable
  • Dunning and payment program, interest calculation and correspondence
  • Business procedures in ERP real estate management
  • Business data Toolset under CR590 BDT

Content to go with it:

To match up with the needs of aspirants, contents are divided into various sections. Some of the contents are listed below, in details:

  • Business partner master data and real estate master data, with architecture and usage
  • Contract management – real estate contract, real estate search, condition purpose, conditions and calculation methods
  • Real estate financials – account determination, periodic posting, and flow types
  • Adjustment conditions – index-based and free condition adjustment, country specified condition adjustment method and sales-based rent settlement
  • Service charge settlement
  • Information system
  • Overview on some important corporate use – reservation, occupancy planning, move management, reservation, FASB 13 support and internal CO billing
  • Integration aspects – enterprise asset management integral rules, CO integration, PS CD FICA integration and project system integration
  • Tools – BDT, Correspondence, BAPI and BAdl usage, document management, migration programs for the present product version
  • Country specifics – withholding tax, localized features as in CH, AT, JP, IT, and IN.

In case, you are planning to use PM, PS, FI-AA, and EC-PCA or other similar forms of functions, it is advisable that you should attend these training courses too, for these important components.