SAP SD Online Training

SD or Sales and Distribution is one of the core modules of SAP. Therefore, knowledge of this module is a plus not only for businesses but also for individuals. If you are looking forward to gaining a better position in this competition market, you can certainly look forward to obtaining the best SAP SD Training. We are sure that this training will help you shape a better career with lots of scopes and opportunities.

Getting Knowledge In SAP SD:

It is crucial on your part to acquire knowledge on SAP SD so that you can get an idea of whether the course is right for you. SAP Sales and Distribution comprise of all the business processes that are mostly required for selling, billing and shipping product. The SD is tightly integrated with other SAP modules. Therefore, when you acquire knowledge on SD, you can indeed gain valuable insight into other modules to some extent. Our comprehensive SAP SD Online Training , will include everything and teach you all the things that are required for a professional career. You will be introduced to different features of SD that will benefit you, as a whole.

If you have knowledge of SAP, it will be considered as a plus. However, even without knowledge, you can look forward to learning the model right from the scratch.

Preview Of TheSAP Sales & Distribution Course:

Before getting into the course, you can check out the preview of the process so that it is easy for you to understand what you can get for the same.

  • There will be about 1,2,3 lectures for the entire length of the training
  • You will even get access to video tutorials for about 3.5 hours
  • The course will demonstrate both theory and hands-on learning experience to configure into the major areas of SAP SD.
  • You are eligible to join in for our course with any skill level, and the course is taught in English.
  • The course even includes lifetime access and free updates
  • On completion of the course, you will have to sit for an exam to get your certification.

Description Of The Course:

Our  SAP SD Module Training is structured in different parts. If you belong to the functional consulting world of SAP, this is the ideal module for you. The various parts of the course are:

  • We will cover the commonly used transactions on the part of the end users in the first part.
  • We will teach the configuration and customization of SD in the second part
  • We will conclude the training program by showing some real time scenarios, project lifecycles, and landscapes.

We do not have any specified requirements for our course. However, the course will suit you much better if you have access to an SAP server. Anybody can learn it with an interest in this technology.

What Will You Get From The Course?

There are obviously many things that you can expect to get from this course.

  • You will get the opportunity to configure the most common configurations in Sales Distribution.
  • You can even interpret the Help SAP documents.
  • Our course is designed in such a way so that you can even learn on the go. Right from Desktop, Android to iOS, our course is available on all platforms.
  • Get rewarded with the certificate of completion.

Common Things To Learn:

Here, we give you a short outline of the common things that you will learn from our SAP SD CIN Configuration and more. This include:

  • Mastering of customer and material data
  • Sales
  • Delivery
  • Billing
  • Pricing
  • Credit management etc.

Under each of these sections, you will again get the opportunity to learn many more things. For instance, in the first category, you will learn

  • Creating customer master,
  • Creating material stock
  • Getting an overview of material stock
  • Creating material master for sales views etc.

In the second category of sales, you will learn

  • Over viewing of the sales activities
  • Creating quotations
  • Generating inquiries
  • Creating debit memo
  • Creating sales document type
  • Define schedule line category
  • About material inclusion and exclusion, etc.

In the delivery category, you will learn

  • Determining the shipping point
  • Creating picking, packing and PGI
  • Consignment process
  • Returns, free delivery, and subsequent delivery
  • The substituting reason, etc.

In the billing category, you will learn

  • Creating the bill of materials,
  • Correcting an invoice
  • The creating blocking reason, etc.

In the pricing category, you will learn

  • Determining tax procedures
  • Determining pricing regarding categories
  • Accounting key
  • Text types
  • Determining the item category, etc.

In the credit management sector, you will learn about credit management in SAP.

Thus, we are sure that learning these things will help you get a solid idea of the entire module along with the implementation of the same in a system. The certification obtained on completion of the training program will help you acquire some of the best jobs in the market in the leading positions. Hence, there is no looking back, and you will be highly satisfied.

Our institute will train you on the latest release of the module so that you are updated with the technology. We will help you in complete end-to-end implementation of the functionality that is related to the sales and distribution module. We are sure that as SAP professionals, it will help you a lot, and you will be able to utilize this module to its fullest capacity.

Therefore, it is time to get in touch with us at the earliest and enroll for our course. We have scores of candidates looking forward to getting the training and hence you should not be an exception to it. We will be more than happy to prepare you for this field of competition.