SAP Simple Finance Online Training

SAP  Simple Finance is the new ERP solution, which is mainly built for SAP  Hana. As a result, it will give the option to carry out real-time analytics at different levels across a range of financial dimension. It is a comprehensive solution, which can be either developed on Cloud or premise. It is incredibly easy to use, and with little knowledge, you can obtain excellent outcomes. If you want to become an expert in developing solutions for finance with the use of SAP, you will have to join our SAP Simple Finance Online Training. With the help of our training course, you can easily enhance the portfolio of financial solution from SAP, thereby preserving the functional strength.

The Overview Of The Training:

With our SAP Simple Finance Training, you will get the opportunity to see what SAP  Simple Finance can do. In addition to that, you will also get an idea of what it has to offer your organisation and how you will explore the various applications that it offers. Right from planning, consolidation, accounting and compliance, you will learn hosts of things about the new solution. Consequently, you will learn-

  • Removal of redundancy
  • In-memory technology as well as SAP HANA
  • Ways of reporting flexibly
  • Ageing of data
  • Non-disruptive innovation
  • Universal journals
  • SAP Fiori
  • Applications of the SAP simple finance
  • Ways of predictive analysis.

Highlights Of The Course:

Some of the major highlights of the course include:

  • Live and interactive sessions with live instructors
  • Video tutorials and several study contents
  • Practical oriented approach.
  • Quizzes and assessment at regular intervals of time
  • 24/7 support from experts
  • Batch flexibility and customised courses
  • Access to the learning portal for a lifetime without the fear of login expiration
  • Preparation of resume.

Curriculum :

Through our SAP S/4 HANA Simple Finance, we aim to cover hosts of things that might be required sometimes or the other. The curriculum includes:

  • Simple Finance with SAP Hana database,
  • Introduction to the concepts of Hana
  • Updating the data in the database
  • Flexible analytics
  • Deploying simple finance in different financial concepts
  • Simple finance applications
  • SAP Fiori
  • Reporting in simple finance.

Enjoying Several Benefits:

One of the main reasons for which you should acquire skills and knowledge on SAP  simple finance is to eliminate cycle times and streamline different data reconciliations. You will acquire the capability to move on with finance processing like batch to real time, month end activities, rapid planning and even forecasting. This will be primarily combined with several predictive analyses so that you can easily explore new models of businesses. Accordingly, you can assess the effects of a bottom line.

As a finance user, you will have the potential to analyse and build new reports with self-service access to information. As a result, it will be possible for you to take instant action. It will give the opportunity to build connections with business networks and establish an integrated business ecosystem. This, in turn, can help you drive optimum collaboration with customers, banks, suppliers and other government authorities.

Ideal Candidates And Prerequisites:

Some of the ideal candidates for our course are:

  • Support consultants
  • Application consultants
  • Project managers

Moreover, if you have knowledge on AC200 or equivalent SAP  ERP, our SAP Simple Finance Course will be easy for you to follow. However, this is not mandatory, and even as a student or an aspirant to enter into this field, you can join our training course. We will provide up to date and thorough knowledge so that on the completion of the course, you acquire complete knowledge on it.

Obtaining The Certification:

Each type of certification comes with different tactics of preparation. However, on completing the SAP Simple Finance Training, you will be assigned to a project. This project will be reviewed for full feedback, following which you will be judged on your performance. You will get grades along with being awarded the certificate. However, one of the crucial things that you should always remember is that we offer certification after every candidate has passed the exam.

Why to Choose Us:

We are a global interactive company with proven industry experts that can provide you quality SAP Simple Finance Training. Our online training will not only offer you utmost convenience but also, you can schedule the classes, as per your flexibility. Our trainers have high skills in the related field. Moreover, our courses are up to date, due to which you will learn some of the most advanced skills required in this area. This, in turn, will largely benefit your career. We offer both standard training and fast track training sessions, as per your requirements.

Our full-fledged training course not only aims at offering certificates but also imbibing the skills of development, application design as well as administration with some real time scenarios and practical case studies.

Check Reviews And Feedbacks:

In the recent times, lots of candidates have enroled for our SAP Simple Finance Training. Be it students or professionals, we offer to train to all, and make sure that every individual benefit from our course. Our courses are highly rated, and it is highly valued across the world. On completing our training programme and obtaining certification, many of our students have found some of the highest paying jobs in different industries. In addition to that, many have moved out of the country and are currently working for some of the leading multinational institutions. Therefore, you should not give a second thought in acquiring our training course because you will get the opportunity to learn lots of new and exciting things that you were not aware of. As a result, you will benefit your career, and you can look forward to putting more weight to your career.