Talend Online Training

Talend is one of the open studio platforms that enables the transformation of data scripts as well as the underlying programmes to be generated in Java or Perl. The GUI of Talend is made of a metadata repository that contains several definitions and configurations. With our Talend Course, you can avail the opportunity to acquire excellent skills in master data management solution. This, in turn, will enable you to complete full varieties of projects to cater to different requirements, as a whole.

Key Features Of The Course:

One of the key features of our course includes offering Talend ETL Big Data Integration Solutions. Apart from that, the other things that you can expect to get are as follows-

  • The overall duration of the course is about 12 hours, which is divided in numbers of sessions
  • We conduct labs and projects and the length for these is about 24 hours
  • The hands-on exercises, project works, assignments and quizzes can help you acquire practical ideas and knowledge on the overall concept.
  • We offer constant support and assistance for 24 hours. The support can be provided through the mail, chat or telephonic conversations.
  • You will learn about the installation of software step by step.
  • On the completion of our Training programme, we offer certificates to the candidates because the classes will prepare you for Talend Certification
  • We even help in developing a resume, thereby providing complete job support and assistance.

About The Training Course:

Our Talend Online Training are designed in such a way so that it focuses on learning using practical examples and exercises. Our training offers end to end ETL solutions thereby imbibing the entire concept of Talend. Apart from that, our certified tutorial includes several other things ranging from big data, HDFS, Hadoop, data integration, Hive, MapReduce, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie and yarn. These things can certainly help in clearing the overall concept of Talend so that you can look forward to framing your career with it.

The Objectives Of The Course:

We have several objectives of our course with Talend Data Management Tool. On completing the training, you can-

  • Easily create a new job and understand the integration of data along with the concept of propagation
  • Know about Talend, its usefulness, features and objectives
  • Know how to define the concept of aggregate data along with T Map and the beneficial properties of the same.
  • You can learn to use the form data functions along with XML file and creation of metadata.
  • You can define the ETL methods as well as the ETL tools that are connected with Hadoop.
  • Work on big data concepts like the pig, oozie, hive and yarn.
  • Understand the difference between yarn and pig.
  • Know the various components of ETL and much more to mention.

The Ideal Candidates:

To enrol for our Talend Data Integration Course, you need to make sure that you have a basic understanding of the SQL basics.

  • If you are a business analyst, business intelligence developer, solution architect or a data scientist, this course is ideal for you.
  • If you are a system administrator and system integrator, you can join our course.
  • As IT engineers or software developers with some experience in BI, going for this course is a great idea
  • As a professional, if you are aspiring to build a career in the field of Hadoop and Big data, this course is highly recommended to you.

Things Involved In The Project:

As mentioned, the project that we assign occupies a prominent role in the overall Talend Training. Therefore, you should take it seriously. It will describe how to create a job with the help of using metadata. Accordingly, you will have to do some of the following actions.

  • Make an XML file
  • Delimiting a file
  • Creating an Excel file
  • Creating the connection to the database.

We will guide you and support you through the entire process so that you do not have any difficulty in completing the project on time. We will assign you grades by your performance.

Benefits Of The Training Course:

With Talend ETL Online Training, you can expect to enjoy loads of benefits.

  • The open source data integration tool can be used to build end to end solutions of ETL.
  • Big data is a big subject now, and it is rapidly growing. Hence, the need to manage, edit and store data with tools like Talend
  • The certification training will prepare you for different professional exams related to Talend. Consequently, you can add more credibility and weight to your profile. Therefore, you will be hired by some of the most renowned companies in the world
  • It is one of the best solutions to your entire data handling problems.
  • You will get an insight into some of the latest technologies like Hadoop and Big data.

Obtaining The Certification:

One of the primary aims in obtaining Talend Online Training is getting certification. In fact, we have exclusively designed our course to complete the Talend certification exam. You will get quiz and projects at the end of the training. On completing them, you will be awarded the certificate by us. Consequently, you can use the certificate to boost your career, and get some of the highest paying jobs in the industry.

We have both self-paced and instructor led online training course. You can select any of these options, as per your convenience, and this will benefit you to a vast extent. You will not have to quit your current job in acquiring Talend ETL Tool Training from us. We are ready to offer you support and assistance any time you want. You can even get lifetime access to our learning contents and video tutorials without the worry of creating another login. Therefore, the course will help you in wide varieties of ways.